Apex Legends Horizon: leaked abilities, finishers, release date, and more

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Shrugtal/Respawn

After the new Apex Legends aftermarket collection event went live, data miners dug through the game files to find clips featuring Horizon.

Previously some data miners revealed some short clips where Horizon suggested that she would enter the Apex games fairly soon. Furthermore, another past leak revealed all the Legends that would launch all the way up to season 13th. And Horizon was one of these allegedly leaked characters that are still in active development.

Shrugtal who is a pretty reliable data miner just revealed what kind of abilities Horizon might have based on the fragments of codes found in the game files. Additionally, there are also some extra finisher animations that further solidifies how Horizon’s abilities might look like in its final form.

Apex Horizon abilities leak
Image via Shrugtal

Horizon abilities:

Basically, Horizon is all about manipulating gravity and her surroundings to gain an edge over her opponents in the Apex arena. Her passive might make her invulnerable to the stun effect that legends face except the fortified ones. This is maybe due to her gravity defining boots.

Her tactical ability Repulsor might allow her to displace or elevate enemies near point of contact. And finally, her ultimate ability might be some sort of black hole that sucks up nearby enemies and deals damage. However, these abilities are mostly speculations based upon the code fragments found in the game files. So, take all of them with a grain of salt.

Horizon finishers:

Black Hole finisher:

Grenade up and down finisher:

Repulsor rush finisher:

Apex Legends Horizon release date:


As of now, Horizon leaks indicates she might bring something totally different in the Apex arena with her gravity defining abilities. Hopefully, Respawn will tweak all of her abilities and polish them until perfection before they hit the live servers.

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