Respawn finally fixed the annoying Pathfinder view model bug in the new patch for Apex Legends

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Respawn

With the release of the new aftermarket collection event in Apex Legends, Respawn finally decided to make some changes to Pathfinder.

While the new changes to the Pathfinder’s grapple cooldown seemed like a buff at first, it actually turned out out to be more of a hindrance for players. In the process of making Pathfinder more balanced Respawn somehow introduced new bugs in the game with the new update.

The new bug literally affected the view model of Pathfinder players. Basically, if a Pathfinder player uses the grapple then its shoulder would actually get stuck in the view models sometimes. While trying to climb any wall in the game fixes this issue, it was still a temporary solution until Respawn releases a hotfix.

Pathfinder view bug fixed
Image via Respawn

Respawn fixes the Pathfinder view bug:

Folks at the Respawn Entertainment saw all those clips featuring this weird bug and got back to work. And they just released a small patch that is set to fix all the known bugs that were added during the aftermarket collection event update.

Additionally, Respawn also fixed the annoying bug that interfered with Crypto and making him unable to use his weapons while triggering his EMP when he is not in the drone mode. At the same time, Respawn also fixed the performance display that was interfering with the HUD elements in the ranked mode.

All in all, until the next mini-event called “Horizon’s Test Subject” which was leaked recently arrives, players can expect mostly a bug-free experience.

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