Taliyah ‘the biggest loser of the preseason’ currently has the lowest pick rate in League of Legends

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By Ali Ahmed Akib
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League of Legends’ champion Taliyah currently has the lowest pick rate in the 2021 preseason.

Ever since her release on patch 6.10, Taliyah was considered somewhat a meta mid laner in League of Legends. However, in season 8, League players figured out that she was even stronger in the Jungle and started to abuse her. She might have not been a must pick or ban champion in the soloq back then but she had one of the highest presence in the pro games.

But she was undergone with multiple changes in season 8 as her kit was considered “overpowered” for the pro games. With all those back to back nerfs/changes her presence in pro games dropped significantly in season 9. She only had around a 10% pick rate in season 9 where in season 8 she had around 58%. Moreover, her presence dropped by 50% in season 10 as well.

Apparently, Riot also gave up on her as the patch 8.23 change (which is two years from now) was the last buff/nerf that she received till now.

Taliyah's State in Season 10 and Preseason
Taliyah didn’t receive any changes in two years. (Image: Riot Games)

Taliyah’s State in Season 10 and Preseason

The state of Taliyah in season 10 can be described in just two words “dead champion”. Throughout the season, Taliyah only had around 48-49% win rate while having one of the lowest pick rates (less than 1%) in the game. Furthermore, in season 10, only a handful amount of players played her outside of the jungle role.

As season 10 soloq was pretty much dominated by the roaming champions, Riot pushed a mid lane change in the preseason where Mid lane cannons are now worth 10 less gold for the first 14 minutes. On top of that, the preseason item changes heavily favor the tank champions while mages don’t have much of an item choice.

With no buffs in two years and preseason item changes, Taliyah is currently in the worst state among any other champions in League of Legends.

Currently, in patch 10.24, her pick rate is so low that even popular stats site op.gg shows “there isn’t enough sample size” to show her win rate. And according to u.gg, Taliyah currently has a 43.69% win rate while having just a 0.1% pick rate, the lowest pick rate in the game. Judging from all that, Taliyah has to be the ‘biggest loser of the preseason’.

Upcoming Taliyah Changes and Players Reaction

Since her pick rate and win rate dropped even more in the preseason, many players have started to raise their voice against Riot’s lack of actions towards Taliyah.

Many players are stating that “Rito Has Killed Taliyah” and demanding some “work done” from Riot Games as she hasn’t been touched for 2 years now.

After all these complaints, for the upcoming patch 10.25, Riot has outlined some buffs for Taliyah after two long years. Primarily they were planning to give her Q a 100% damage to monsters for stones after the first hit while reducing her Worked ground radius to 375.

However, just after few days, Riot reverted the Q buff in PBE making the Worked ground size back to 450.

Upcoming Taliyah Changes

Taliyah mains were eventually outraged by Riot’s decision and calling out Riot for their “lack of professionalism”. Furious players are currently doing a ‘#JusticeForTaliyah’ movement both in the r/TaliyahMains subreddit and Twitter to get proper Taliyah buff from Riot Games in the 2021 preseason.

Her current state is so bad that it is pretty much uncertain whether any kind of buff will fix that, rather many players are asking for a “rework” to make her a decent champion in League of Legends Season 11.

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