Starfield: Choose Ularu or Imogene for Guilty Parties?

Ashia Bente Rabbani
By Ashia Bente Rabbani
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Credit: Bethesda Game Studios

Ularu, the cunning NPC, will misguide you and put you through the dilemma of choosing sides with her and Imogene in Starfield. We will ease up your dilemma and review the options in this guide.

Become the Silent Protagonist and explore every corner of different planets and moons in the Milky Way in your spaceship in Starfield. Make friends with allies and fight against hostile NPCs to defend yourself and your ship. Players may gather natural resources and weapons and complete quests along the way.

As we are speaking of different quests and missions, there will be one time you will be faced with a strange dilemma in the Guilty Parties Mission. Once the players have started this particular quest, they will have to choose between two sides: Ulara or Imogene. Selecting any of these may result in a completely different situation in the gameplay.

Choose Ularu or Imogene for Guilty Parties?

As you have started the Guilty Parties mission, at one point, you may learn that Ularu and Imgone are the same person and Ularu is acting as a double agent. Ularu has done this dirty work to become the CEO. However, your ultimate task is now to rip off her mask and gather proof to show that Ularu is the Ryujin Mole.

Choose to Side with Ularu

If you choose to side with Ularu, head straight to her office and face her directly. Tell her she is the mole, and you have caught her with her double face works.

Now two options will be available for you;

  1. Either you can play a mini persuasion game
  2. Or threat Ularu with the proof and files

No matter what you do, Ularu will admit her mistake and say that she was the Ryujin mole.

After this incident, players can decide whether to take sides with Ularu it Masako. If you still want to take sides with Ularu, you must tell her that you and she are on the same page. And then, when you talk to Dalton, you have to lie about Imogene to save Ularu.

However, if you side with Masako, head to Dalton’s area and tell him that the mole is Ularu.

Choose to Side with Imogene

However, if you want to take sides with Imogene, head to Dalton and tell him everything about Ularu. Ularu will be exposed to Dalton, and he will know that Ularu was the Ruyjin mole and to Imogene.

After learning the whole truth, Dalton will be happy with you and thank you at the end for your honesty. To take sides with Imogene, you must visit Ularu in her office first to tell her that she is the mole and then inform her about taking sides with Masako.

Now the choice is yours. The fate of Ryujin Industries will be in the hands of an honest CEO to save the company from destruction. You can choose Ularu; she is not a good person, but if you decide Imogene, Ularu will be exposed. Selecting any of the two sides may result in the future of Ryujin Industries.

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