Sons of the Forest: Where to Find Pistol

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Sons of the Forest gives you many weapons throughout its playtime. The pistol is one of them. Here is how you can find pistol in the game.

Sons of the Forest takes place after the original game called The Forest. Even though it is a sequel to the previous game, this time, you will play as a different character and have a lot more to find and do. Nearly every element of the game gets some kind of update, from the enemy to all the crafting items that get improved in this game over the previous title.

Sons of The Forest, have you played as a soldier searching for a missing person. While searching over the island, your helicopter gets crushed on the island. Thus begins your journey of survival. Throughout the game, you will face many different dangers, and the game gives you many weapons to fight them.

Sons of The Forest gives you many different weapons to pick up. However, you will need to track and collect them throughout the island. So here is a guide explaining how you can get your hands on the pistol in Sons of The Forest.

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Pistol Location in Sons of The Forest

Sons of the Forest: Where to Find Pistol

Pistol is not that hard to find once you know what to look for. This weapon can be found at the north-western beach on the map. The actual weapon is not on the beach, as you can see from the marking on the map. So, go to the beach first. Once on the beach, you will find an orange raft floating in the sea.

This raft is where the pistol is. However, there will be sharks in the sea. So bring food or med and be prepared to heal if you get attacked. But if you reach the raft without dying, you will be able to grab the pistol from there. This will help you on the journey a lot, especially while fighting some of the harder foes the game has to offer.

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