How to Get Shovel in Sons of the Forest

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Shovel is an essential tool if you want to move forward with Sons of the Forest storyline.

Sons of the Forest is a highly anticipated survival horror video game of 2023, developed by Endnight Games and published by Newnight. It is also the sequel to the popular The Forest survival game.

Despite being in early access, Sons of the Forest has amassed a massive global player base. The game’s story begins with a helicopter crash on a remote, cannibal-infested island. To survive all the odds, one must have the right equipment.

Without the right tools and gears, it will be impossible for the Sons of the Forest to survive. Players who have already gotten into the game are aware of this. So, without further ado, let’s see how to get the Shovel in Sons of the Forest.

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Required Equipment to Get the Shovel

Unlike some other weapons and equipment, the Shovel cannot be crafted. So, you must find it somewhere on the huge map. But where? You might’ve already noticed there are many Caves on the map marked by white stone gate icons.

If you’ve played “The Forest,” you already know these caves are some of the scariest and most dangerous places to go. The Shovel is also located in one of these caves in Sons of the Forest. However, to get the Shovel, you need to get a few pieces of other equipment first, as you’ll need them to pass through some obstacles in the Shovel cave.

To get the Shovel in Sons of the Forest, you need the mentioned equipment first:

  • Rope Gun
  • Rebreather
  • Air Tank

After you’ve obtained a rebreather and a rope gun, you’re prepared to go on the Shovel Expedition into the Cave.

rebreather, shovel and rope gun location in sons of the forest
Credit: Endnight Games

How to Get the Shovel

Remember, the caves are full of mutants that will be ready to kill you whenever they can. So be prepared with proper weapons, food, explosives, and a light source.

From here, we’ll explain everything you need to do so you don’t miss anything on your way and without getting killed:

1. Once you make it to the marked location on the map on the west side of the snowy mountain, you’ll find three bodies at the intersection of three water streams. There’ll be an entrance blocked by a wooden barrier. You can easily break it with a Tactical Axe or Modern Axe. Now enter the cave.

shovel cave entrance
Credit: Endlight Games

2. After you walk a few steps, you’ll see a zipline on your left. Before taking the zipline, go below, and you’ll find an air tank. You might need it if you’re running out of oxygen on your rebreather. Now, go to the zipline and interact with it to go across.

shovel cave zipline
Credit: Endlight Games

3. After landing from the zipline, look to your left, and you’ll find a body of water in front of you.

body of water shovel cave
Credit: Endlight Games

4. Go into the water and dive straight down into the cave network. It is a pretty narrow cave. But the good thing is, there’s only one way in front of you. So keep following the cave where it leads you.

underwater cave
Credit: Endlight Games

5. Once you reach the ground, you’ll be greeted by some mutants. So be prepared to fight. After you clear the horde, keep moving forward. You’ll also find a wetsuit along with an air tank on your way. Don’t forget to grab them.

mutant shovel cave
Credit: Endlight Games

6. After reaching the path’s end, you’ll find a slippery slope. Slide down. After the slide, you’ll face some mutants again. Clear the horde or ignore them and move forward.

slippery slope shovel cave
Credit: Endlight Games

7. You’ll reach a new place with two deceased miners in front. Go forward and jump over the stalagmite, and you’ll see a narrow cave leading to an underwater cave network. Dive into the water and go forward.

dead miners sons of the forest
Credit: Endlight Games

8. After going forward, you’ll see dismantled body parts at an intersection of the underwater cave network. Take a right turn and go forward.
Note: You will find a flashlight attachment if you go right. If you don’t want to flashlight attachment and only want the Shovel. Take a left turn at this intersection and jump to the 12th Step.

underwater cave sons of the forest
Credit: Endlight Games

9. Once you reach the ground, prepare yourself, as this cave section is infested with intermediary mutants ready to kill you. Clearing the mutants with grenades or explosives is suggested. Once you clear this section, move forward.

mutants sons of the forest
Credit: Endlight Games

10. You’ll reach an open cave where you’ll find dead corpses. One body will have the flashlight attachment for pistols. Don’t forget to grab it. After that, go back to the water you emerged from.

flashlight attachment sons of the forest
Credit: Endlight Games

11. Keep diving forward until you reach the ground.

underwater cave sons of the forest
Credit: Endlight Games

12. After you reach the ground, you’ll find some mutants. Clear the mutants and move forward, and finally, you’ll find the Shovel on a miner’s lap.

shovel sons of the forest
Credit: Endlight Games

13. After you get the Shovel. Keep following the same path you took from the start. As you backtrack your way out, a Sluggy will blow a secret exit on your way to crossing the area mentioned in Step 6. You’ll also find some briefcases that contain explosives. Blow up the Sluggy, and you can leave the Cave safe and sound.

shovel cave sluggy
Credit: Endlight Games

There you go! Now you have a Shovel. As mentioned earlier, it is an important tool to progress the game’s storyline. So use it effectively as you survive through the dangerous environment of Sons of the Forest. For more guides, tips, and tricks, visit our Guides and Sons of the Forest section.

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