Sons Of The Forest: All Console Commands & Cheats

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Sons Of The Forest: All Console Commands & Cheats

Where there are consoles, there are commands for cheats, and Sons of the Forest is no exception. To make you less worried about items and control over certain things, one or two cheats won’t harm anyone, right?

Oh boy, another survival game! Because there aren’t already enough of those out there, right? Well, get ready for the latest addition to the genre: Sons of the Forest. Because why not add another game to the already oversaturated market of games that are all about struggling to survive against the elements and dangerous creatures?

BUT WAIT, this game promises to be different! You’re not just stranded on a deserted island or lost in the wilderness; you’re now trapped in a mysterious forest filled with mutant creatures that want to kill you. Because apparently, regular old animals weren’t scary enough anymore. No, we need to up the ante with creepy, mutated monsters that will give you nightmares for weeks to come.

In all seriousness, though, Sons of the Forest does promise to be an exciting and challenging addition to the survival game genre. With its unique setting and horrifying creatures, it definitely stands out from the crowd. So if you’re up for a heart-pounding adventure filled with danger and dread, then strap on your backpack and head into the forest. Just don’t forget to bring a weapon (or five).

Now about these console commands for cheats in Sons Of the Forest. This guide will spill the beans on all the Sons of the Forest cheats and secrets you’ll ever need. Whether you’re in the mood for infinite health, want to stock up on items right from the start, or feel like unleashing some console commands, we’ve got you covered. Without further ado, let’s get into this.

All Console Commands & Cheats in Sons of the Forest


Developers were just too busy to include cheats in Sons of the Forest. However, you can still cheat your way through the game by using a third-party mod. WeMod has generously provided this mod for free, so you can cheat without spending a dime.

Keep in mind that because the game is in early access and the mod isn’t officially supported, you may encounter issues such as crashes or game-breaking bugs. And if you are caught cheating in multiplayer, your account will most likely be banned—a typical threat for modders. Now, let’s take a glance through the cheats that we can use:

  • Player
    • Infinite Stamina
    • Infinite Health
    • Infinite Hydration
    • Infinite Fullness
    • Infinite Temperature
    • Infinite Strength
    • Infinite Lung Capacity
    • Fully Rested
    • No Fall Damage
    • Invisibility
    • Unbreakable Armor
    • Immune to Fire
    • Set Damage Multiplier
  • Physics
    • Infinite Jump
    • Set Walking Speed Multiplier
    • Set Running Speed Multiplier
    • Set Swimming Speed Multiplier
    • Set Jump Height Multiplier
  • Inventory
    • No Item Limit
    • Set Last Hovered Item Amount
  • Weapons
    • Unlimited Ammo
  • In-Game
    • Enable Debug Console
    • Infinite Fuel
    • Infinite Flashlight Battery
    • Infinite Printer Resin
    • No Building Requirements
    • Build Anywhere
    • One Hit Cut Trees
    • Stop Time
    • Fast 3D Printers
    • Set Time Speed Multiplier
    • Game Speed

Console Commands

You can also use several commands you can give in Multiplayer servers. All you need to do is, hit that Enter to bring up the chat window. In that window, type any of the following commands, and you will have fun:

  • allowCheats: Activate/Deactivate commands and cheats.
  • /help: Display a list of console commands.
  • /allowbuildingdestruction: Destroy structures.
  • resetHolesMode: Remove all holes in structures when enabled.
  • /treeregrowmode:10% of cut-down trees regrow when players sleep.
  • /allowenemiescreative: Enemies will spawn in creative mode.
  • veganMode: All enemies are banished.
  • difficulty: Set the difficulty level.
  • realisticPlayerDamage: Players will take more damage when enabled.
  • /save: Save the game.
  • saveFolderPath: Select the path for server saves.
  • /restart: Reset and Restart the server.
  • /shutdown: Shut down the server.
  • /kick [Steam ID]: Kick a specific user from the server.
  • /ban [Steam ID]: Ban a specific user from the server.
  • configfilepath: Select the path for server information to be saved.
  • /openlogs: Show the server logs.
  • /closelogs: Close the server logs.
  • targetFpsActive [FPS]: Set a specific FPS limit for the server.
  • targetFpsIdle [FPS]: Set a specific FPS limit for idle players.

Double the Items in the Early Game

After a totally not scripted helicopter crash, you and your mate Kelvin are stranded on a deserted island. But don’t worry, you won’t have to scavenge for supplies like some sort of survival game peasant. Nope, conveniently placed crates and containers filled with all sorts of useful items will be right at your fingertips.

And the best part? You can exploit a little glitch to reset the containers and get even more loot! Just craft a tent and save your game, then reload, and voila—it’s like Christmas morning all over again. Keep re-entering, and those crates will be resetting.

And that is all I had for console commands & cheats in Sons of the Forest. Up until next time, folks!

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