Sons Of The Forest: All Types of Armor

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Sons Of The Forest: All Types of Armor

Let’s find out all types of Armor that you can try on Sons of the Forest.

Another survival game has been unleashed upon the world, and this time it’s called Sons of the Forest. Because what we all needed was another game where we’re stranded on a deserted island with limited resources and have to scavenge and craft just to stay alive. I mean, who doesn’t love the thrill of constantly worrying about food, water, and shelter while being relentlessly pursued by dangerous creatures?

But fear not, my fellow masochists! Sons of the Forest promises to provide all the challenges and frustrations you could possibly desire in a survival game. You’ll start off by surviving a helicopter crash because apparently, that’s the only way people ever end up stranded on deserted islands. And don’t worry about your companion, Kelvin, who’s been concussed in the crash. He’ll be perfectly fine and able to help you scavenge for resources because that’s just how concussions work in video games.

Now, both of you guys need to defend yourselves from various dangers, including hostile creatures and environmental hazards. One of the ways to stay alive in this game is by acquiring and using Armor like you did not know before. However, that is what we will be talking about today. So, hop in and sit tight!

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All Types of Armor in Sons Of The Forest

Sons Of The Forest will offer you different types of Armor. These will vary in levels of protection and advantages. Needless to say, the better, the more chances of surviving in the harsh environment. With careful crafting and upgrades, you can customize your Armor to suit your play style and take on even the most challenging foes.

Now, in Sons Of The Forest, you will come across Six different armors. Each of them has different stats, and needless to say, the best one arrives at the latter part of the game. Let’s dive deep into this.

01. Golden Armor

golden armor sons of the forest
Credit: ZaFrostPet

The Golden Armor in Sons of the Forest is considered the best Armor in the game, offering full protection and maximum defense without degrading in durability. This Armor has an invincibility level of durability and is also visually appealing. It can be found in a bunker by the southeast lake of the snowy mountains, but you need a Maintenance Key to access it.

02. Tech Armor

tech armor sons of the forest
Credit: ZaFrostPet

The Tech Armor provides decent damage reduction against threats like cannibals and hostile animals in Sons of the Forest, but its crafting price greatly outweighs the benefits it offers. Even though it is one of the best of its kind but can be a hassle to obtain all the necessary materials, including the need to craft Tech Mesh.

Moreover, you need to craft this Tech Mesh as well in the 3D printer. For that, you will need an extra 250ml Resin. The rest of the items are as follows:

  • 10x Batteries
  • 10x Circuit Board
  • 10x Duct Tape
  • 10x Tech Mesh
  • 10x Wire

03. Bone Armor

bone armor sons of the forest
Credit: ZaFrostPet

You can easily get Bone Armor by harvesting some bones from killing mutants and cannibals in the forest. You can also come across them in the caves. Moreover, the crafting process is easy as well, and it’s a great way to protect yourself from those mutants and cannibals.

It also will give you a decent boost to your defense stats, and you can make it pretty early in the game by killing 5-6 mutants. So, it’s a cheap but effective armor you can use throughout Sons of the Forest. You will need the following:

  • 4x Bones
  • 1x Duct
  • 1x Tape Rope

04. Hide Armor

hide armor sons of the forest
Credit: ZaFrostPet

Hide Armor is made from animal skin, so you gotta go hunting. The best thing to do is go after deer, as they’re easy to kill but also fast. You can either sneak up on them or use a ranged weapon. If you’re not into deer, you can also kill a Goose for its skin. Either way, once you’ve got the skin, craft that Armor, and you’ll be good to go. The biggest pro you can get from this Armor is it will keep you warm. After all, a bit of warmth is all we seek at the end of the day.

  • 2x Animal Hide
  • 1x Cloth

05. Creepy Armor

creepy armor sons of the forest
Credit: ZaFrostPet

Creepy Armor is another armor set in Sons of The Forest. It is made from the skin of mutants that you can kill throughout the game. It’s easy to craft since you just need to take out some cannibals and gather their skins. Sounds feisty!

Creepy Armor will provide basic protection and decrease your stealth, making you more vulnerable to being detected by mutants and beasts. Wait a minute, if you are skinning the mutants and wearing their skins as a coat, who is the real creep here? Anyway, you will need the following items:

  • 1x Combat Knife
  • 1x Mutant Skin

06. Leaf Armor

leaf armor sons of the forest
Credit: ZaFrostPet

The Leaf Armor is the most basic and easiest Armor to craft in Sons of The Forest, but it doesn’t offer much protection against enemies. It’s just a bag of leaves that you put between you and oncoming attacks. Although it’s ideal for the initial stages of the game, you should upgrade it as soon as possible because most enemies can still damage you a lot.

It’s recommended that you get rid of this Armor within the first few hours of the game, as it provides no real value. You will need the following:

  • 1x Cloth
  • 10x Leaf

And that is all I had for all the armor types in Sons Of The Forest. Up until next time, cheerio!

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