Sons Of The Forest: How to Tame Virginia

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Sons of The Forest has a new companion you can tame called Virginia. But if you scare her, she will go away. So you need to be careful not to do that. Here is how you can tame Virginia in the game.

Sons of The Forest is one of the many survival games released in the past few years. But this is different because it is the sequel to The Forest, released back in 2014. In this game, you will be a soldier on a mission to rescue someone from the island. But when you are approaching the island, you crash there and need to find a way to get to the person and leave with him.

Sons of The Forest has a lot more options and tries out many different new things in the game. Crafting is even better than before; you have an Ai companion if you play solo, and many other changes make the game more accessible to the players. Virginia is also a new part of the game. If she proceeded correctly, she could become a great ally. Here is how you can do that in Sons of The Forest.

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How to Tame Virginia in Sons of The Forest

Virginia is the three-arm and three-legged woman at your camp while you play the game. Taming Virginia is a lengthy process. But once tame, all the work you put into taming her will become one of the best decisions you have made in the game.

Sons Of The Forest: How to Tame Virginia
Credit: Rifle Gaming (Youtube)

Taming Virginia in Sons of The Forest

Virginia can be sensitive; one small mistake can make her go away and never return. So you need to be careful of how you approach her. The best way to approach her is to treat her like a cat that has come into your house to check it out. Let her visit the camp for a few days. She will check out the area and then leave. Eventually, if she feels safe, she will sit down by the campfire.

When she is checking out the area, leave her alone. Don’t approach her with weapons, or she will run away. Even if she runs away, don’t chase her, or else she will get too scared to come back again. After a few days, she will start bringing you seeds as an offer. Then eventually, you will be able to interact with her.

Once she starts sitting by the campfire and brings the seeds, our work is almost done. Now you need to give her a GPS tracker so that you know where she is all the time. You can give her a Pistol or Shotgun too. She will use these weapons to defend the camp if the cannibals attack it.

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