Sons of The Forest: How To Get Feathers

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Sons of The Forest has a pretty in-depth crafting system. There are different materials you have to get for certain builds. Feather is one of them. Here is how you can get a feather in the game.

Sons of The Forest is the sequel to the popular game The Forest, released back in 2014. This new game is a sequel to that. But Sons of The Forest has you playing as a new main character. This time, you will be playing as a soldier on a mission to rescue someone from the island. However, you crash on the island, and the adventure begins.

The Forest had a pretty good crafting system. This new game has improved and changed the system quite a bit. However, this system will also feel familiar if you have played the previous game. Since we are crafting a lot of things for survival, we also need to track down and gather different materials. One of the materials we need to craft certain items is the feather. Here is how you can get it in Sons of The Forest.

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Feathers in Sons of The Forest

You can gather feathers in Sons of The Forest in two ways. You can either kill birds to gather their feather or build a bird nest. You can find seagulls on the beach throughout the world. If you approach slowly and get close enough, you can kill them with your axe or spear. This will get you some feathers.

However, building a birdhouse will be the better option if you want a long-term supply of feathers. It requires some sticks to build. After building the house, leave it, and the birds will eventually nest on the house. They will leave feathers for you to collect from the birdhouse

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