Sons Of The Forest: How to Craft Rope

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Sons of The Forest has a pretty expansive crafting system. The rope is one of the basic things you will need to craft certain items. Here is how you can get the rope in the game.

Sons of The Forest is the sequel to the popular game The Forest, released back in 2014. This new game is a sequel to that. But Sons of The Forest has you playing as a new main character. This time, you will be playing as a soldier on a mission to rescue someone from the island. However, you crash on the island, and the adventure begins.

Sons of The Forest upgrades the previously established crafting system. There are a lot more things you can craft in this game from various different crafting stations. All the crafting also needs materials. The rope is one of the materials you will commonly need for crafting. So here is how to get it in the game.

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Crafting Rope in Sons of The Forest

Sons Of The Forest: How to Craft Rope
Credit: Gamers Heroes (YT)

Unfortunately, you cannot craft rope in Sons of The Forest. In the previous game, you were able to craft it, but in this one, that is not possible. Instead, you must search around different looting spots to find a rope. The most likely place to find ropes is in different caves and enemy camps. Other than that, these places can also contain rope in their loot pool:

  • Abandon Camp
  • Cannibal Camp
  • Cave Entrance
  • Graves
  • Boats
  • Helicopter Crash site

Another thing you need to keep in mind is Kevin, your AI companion, cannot search for ropes. So you will have to search and find ropes by yourself if you are playing the game solo.

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