Sons of the Forest: How to Get the GPS Locator

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Sons of the Forest: How to Get the GPS Locator

You might want to know how to get the GPS locator in Sons of the Forest.

Sons of the Forest is a highly anticipated survival horror game developed and published by Endnight Games. It is the sequel to the critically acclaimed game, The Forest. The game follows the story of a lone survivor who has survived a plane crash and finds himself stranded in a mysterious forest filled with dangerous creatures and unknown entities.

The storyline revolves around the protagonist’s quest to unravel the mysteries surrounding the forest and its “inhabitants.” The player must explore the vast and dense forest, scavenge for resources, build shelters, and fend off hostile creatures while uncovering the secrets of the woods. The game features a unique and immersive environment that is both beautiful and terrifying. The graphics are stunning, and the sound effects are incredibly realistic, creating an intense, eerie atmosphere that keeps players on edge.

Let’s get back to some previous steps. After surviving the crash, your first priority will be looking for your surviving teammates. And how do you do that? You need a GPS Locator to track them down. And that is all we will be talking about this evening. Hop in!

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GPS Locator in Sons of the Forest

In Sons of the Forest, the GPS Locator is an essential tool player can use to navigate the forest and keep track of their location. This small handheld device displays the player’s current coordinates and marks important locations, such as shelters, bases, and landmarks.

The GPS Locator also comes with a map that players can access, showing the layout of the forest and the player’s location relative to important landmarks. The map is not fully revealed at first, and players must explore and discover new areas to fill in the missing details.

Moreover, this GPS Locator can be obtained early in the game, and players must keep it charged by finding and collecting batteries scattered throughout the forest. It provides a vital source of information for players, allowing them to plan their routes, avoid dangerous areas, and find valuable resources, as already mentioned before. Now, let’s talk about how you can get these locators.

How to Get the GPS Locator


In Sons of the Forest, there are Three GPS Locators that can be found on the island. These places will be designated as “purple markers” on your map. Some locators have one or two prior conditions to retrieve them. Already mentioning the advantages you can get from these locators, having at least one or two GPS Locators in your backpack is highly recommended.

GPS Locator 01

gps locator sons of the forest
Head to the NorthWest Part of the Map

Head to the NorthWest part of the region. However, bring your shovel beforehand. Nope, you don’t need to dig up your past; just a grave. This site is on the open field, so finding this one should not be that much of an issue. Use your GPS tracker to locate the grave. Now, use the shovel to dig up the coffin. And by surprise, not only will you have what you came for but also a shotgun as an added bonus.

GPS Locator 02

gps locator sons of the forest
Another GPS Locator awaits on the Western Coastline

The next GPS Locator in Sons of the Forest can be found on a small orange life raft off the western coastline. However, there is a risk of encountering sharks in the area. You can get the GPS Locator by searching for the dead body on the edge of the raft. As a bonus, you will also get a pistol and other supplies.

It is possible to reach the raft without getting bitten by the sharks. If they follow you, you can use the pistol to shoot them near the surface. Also, make sure to clear the area before making the long swim back to the coastline.

GPS Locator 03

gps locator sons of the forest
Head to the Western side of the mountain range

The last GPS Locator is located in the Western snowy mountainous region. Upon reaching there, you will find a poor guy hanging from the cliff. To lower the body, you can either travel to the top of the cliff and cut the rope down with an axe or use a ranged weapon or small rock to hit the rope from the ground level.

Once the body has dropped to the ground, search on his body to find the GPS Locator. On top of that, a flashlight will be an added bonus. And to finish your journey, enjoy the moment with the booze bottles nearby.

And that is all I had for the GPS Locator in Sons of the Forest. Check out our other cooked materials, like all console commands and cheats, and all the creatures in Sons of the Forest. Prosst!

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