Sons of the Forest: All Creatures

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Sons of the Forest: All Creatures

You might want to know about all the creatures you will encounter in Sons of the Forest.

Sons of the Forest delivers a thrilling and immersive survival-horror game that will leave players breathless with its intense gameplay, intricate narrative, and realistic AI. The game’s dark and mysterious atmosphere, combined with the constant threat of danger, creates an unforgettable gaming experience that will keep players on the edge of their seats from start to finish.

Now to talk about the creatures in Sons of the Forest, the game features a variety of terrifying creatures that roam the forest, threatening the player’s survival at every turn. You will find mutants, cannibals, and other deadly entities with unique abilities and weaknesses. Some of the most common creatures include humanoid cannibals that exhibit feral and aggressive behavior, mutated creatures with sharp claws and teeth, and large, armored beasts with devastating attacks.

The game’s AI mechanics ensure that each encounter with these creatures is unpredictable and challenging, adding to the game’s overall sense of danger and suspense. Let’s get into the depth of this.

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All Creatures in Sons of the Forest

You will find several types of creatures in Sons of the Forest. From mutant babies to freaky babies and even mutants made up of fingers; there is no end to possibilities. However, there are still some major categories to talk about.


Cannibals are the main enemies in Sons of the Forest, appearing mostly human but lacking hair and external genitals and capable of wearing clothing and armor on every section of their body; they tend to keep their distance before attacking and can even drag the player to their caves if they knock them out.

Golden-Masked Cannibals

The leader of a cannibal tribe in Sons of the Forest possesses more strength than others, wears a gold or red mask, and is very hostile towards both the player and other cannibals. Wearing a mask of the same color can change the leader’s attitude towards the player and cause other cannibals to perceive them as a leader as well.

Propeller carrier

In Sons of the Forest, enemies that carry a motorized propeller capable of inflicting massive damage on players are typically Golden Masked leaders. The best way to deal with them is from range, as getting hit by the propeller is not recommended at all.

Dirty Cannibals

Dirty Cannibals are another common creature on the surface in Sons of Forest, often found hiding in bushes or trees, and generally passive unless provoked; if one is spotted, likely, many others are around, and they can dodge and weave attacks, making them difficult to kill.


These Cannibals are large-sized brutes found in larger camps. They carry large clubs or outboard engines that can knock players to the ground with a single hit. Moreover, they charge the player if they are far away, but it can be dodged. However, they generally do not engage in hostility until the player strikes first. Better to take them out with headshots from ranged weapons.


The Titans are creatures that are bright red, wider, and rounder than other mutants and run at high speeds. They are very hostile towards players and can lunge forward to crush them under their body weight. It is recommended to use range or explosives against them. Titans have more health than other mutants, making them harder to defeat.

They can attack the player’s defensive walls with their large bellies and remove logs faster than normal cannibals, causing major destruction in a short amount of time. When a Titan lunges at the player, they can easily dodge the attack by moving or jumping backward, leaving the Titan vulnerable for a short time.

Creepy Mutants

Creepy mutants are usually found in caves. Quite aggressive these are, as hard to deal with as well.

Blind Mutant

Blind mutants are the most common creatures found in caves and underground areas. They lack facial features and rely on echolocation to track the player, and they can be easily avoided by sneaking around.

Fingers/ Ronnies

Fingers are a type of mutant that often accompanies Blind Mutants and can be found in caves or on the surface. They have a unique appearance with a mouth full of fingers and are susceptible to attacks on their legs, stun-locking them for a few seconds. Bombs and ranged weapons are effective against them, and the Stun Gun can also be used to deal with them.


Twins appear in caves together with other cave-dwelling mutants and cannibals. Although they are agile, they can be defeated effectively with appropriate weapons. When significantly damaged, the feminine half of the mutant will become limp while the other half is still active, making them sneaky and able to ambush the player.

Mutant Babies

These mutant babies resemble mutated newborns with a still-attached umbilical cord and move using crawling and leaping motions. They attack by jumping at the player and flailing their arms. They are typically found in caves and come in groups, inflicting more damage than similar mutants in the previous game and possessing increased health. Better wear a good armor while facing them.


Appearing later in the game on the surface area, this mutant moves acrobatically and attacks the player on sight without hesitation. It is highly dangerous and aggressive, attacking both cave and surface-dwelling cannibals. Although fans originally named it “John 2.0” due to its similarity to a mutant from the first game, this name has been changed in-game to avoid confusion.


The Sluggy, also known as The Blob, is a large, slow mutant found underground with a distorted, gooey appearance. It is mostly seen to block entrances and can be easily taken out with explosives when stuck in small spaces. Moreover, they are only hostile during cutscenes and do not currently spawn in-game.


The demon mutants are lithe and slender and can only be found in the magma caves, appearing in the endgame stage of Sons of the Forest. They move with erratic grace and can be stunned and scared by the holy cross. Golden armor is recommended for defense against their stabbing implements.

Hostile Animals


Sharks are aggressive animals that attack players in oceans and caves. They can be easily killed with guns or arrows. However, till now, the sharks are the only hostile animals reported from Sons of the Forest.

And that is all I had for all the creatures in Sons of the Forest. Before you head back to your den, check out our other cooked materials from Sons of the Forest.

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