Sons of the Forest: All Caves Location

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Sons of the Forest: All Caves Location

Find out about all the Caves locations in Sons of the Forest.

Sons of the Forest is a stunning and thrilling survival horror game that builds on the success of its predecessor in every way. With its gorgeous visuals, engaging storyline, and challenging gameplay, it will surely become a fan favorite among horror gamers and survival enthusiasts.

Set in a vast, mysterious forest, this game will place you as a lone survivor stranded in a remote, unforgiving wilderness after a devastating plane crash. It will also challenge you to explore their surroundings, scavenge for supplies, and craft tools and weapons to fend off the many dangers that lurk in the shadows.

Now, Sons of the Forest features a vast and dynamic game map that is both visually stunning and highly interactive. The game world is set in a dense forest environment, with towering trees, lush vegetation, and various topographical features that create a sense of realism and immersion.

However, we will keep ourselves locked in only on the locations of the various caves you will have to come across in Sons of the Forest. Without further ado, let’s jump into it.

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Caves in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest features a diverse and immersive cave system that plays a significant role in the game’s narrative and gameplay. The caves are an integral part of the game world, with numerous hidden secrets, puzzles, and dangers that players must navigate to progress.

The caves in Sons of the Forest are also home to various hostile creatures, ranging from mutated beasts to supernatural entities. These creatures pose a significant threat to players and must be avoided or dealt with using weapons and tactics.

Crafting is one of the key gameplay elements in the cave system of Sons of the Forest. Players must gather resources such as sticks, stones, and bones to create tools and weapons to help them survive the hazards of the caves. Crafting also plays a role in puzzle-solving, as players must develop items such as torches and explosives to progress through certain areas of the caves.

All Caves Location

caves sons of the forest

The map above depicts all the caves’ locations in Sons of the Forest. However, there is something more you need to know before approaching these caves.

There are a total of Three types of caves you will see in Sons of the Forest. Each of them needs to get accessed by different tools. Based on that, let’s see what we will be coming across:

Rebreather Cave

The cave on the North-Eastern shore is home to two important items, the Rebreather and the Stun Gun. The Rebreather is necessary for exploring the underwater sections of these caves. There is also a Sluggy in the cave, near the Stun Gun and Leather Jacket. However, you do not need to worry as that creature will be out of reach.

Rope Gun Cave

This cave contains the vital Rope Gun required to enter the Shovel Cave, but a Sluggy must be defeated to access it. You must exercise extra caution when confronting the Sluggy. However, it poses little danger overall. A normal Spear can be used to defeat the creature in under a minute, or a single Timed Explosive can eliminate it outright.

Shovel Cave

This cave requires both the rope gun and Rebreather to explore beyond the entrance, with the shovel located at the end. There is a Sluggy that can be slayed with explosives to create a shortcut back to the entrance. Well, don’t take the explosives as a mandatory option.

And that is all I had for the Katana in Sons of the Forest. Check out our other cooked materials, like all console commands and cheats, and how to get a shovel in Sons of the Forest. Prosst!

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