Sons Of The Forest: All Keycard Locations

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Credit: Endlight Games

In Sons of The Forest, you will need different keycards to progress the game’s main objective. Here are all the keycards’ locations and which order to do them.

Sons of The Forest is the sequel to 2014’s The Forest. Even though it is a sequel to the previous game, it doesn’t have any story continuation with the older title. This time, you will be playing as a soldier on a rescue mission on the island. However, your helicopter crashes on the island, and thus you need to survive and complete your mission.

Sons of The Forest change many things from the older game for better or worse. You can now craft a lot more items from different crafting stations. There is a 3D printing station where you can craft different items aside from the standard crafting system. The building system has also seen a drastic change.

The main progression of Sons of The Forest comes in the form of finding different items and using them to explore further. Keycards also serve the same function. They allow you to open up different door which was previously inaccessible. So here are all the keycard locations in Sons of The Forest.

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All Keycard Locations in Sons of The Forest

There are three different keycards you can find in Sons of The Forest. These keycards can be found in different caves around the island. But you will need a shovel before you go hunting for the keycards. If you don’t have a shovel, check out how to get one here.

Once you acquire the shovel, you can get three keycards. These keycard locations are shown on the map below. The name of these keycards are:

  1. Maintenance keycard
  2. VIP keycard
  3. Guest keycard
Credit: Endlight Games

The cards are marked 1,2 and 3 because you will need keycard 1 to get keycard 2. Similarly, you will need keycards 1 and 2 to get keycard 3. So once you have acquired the shovel, go to location one and dig up the cave. There you will find the first keycard, the maintenance keycard.

Then go to location 2 and dig up the location there. Use your maintenance keycard to get a VIP keycard. And finally, go to location 3 and use both keycards to get the Guest keycard. This is how you can get all the keycards in Sons of The Forest.

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