Something big might be coming for CSGO and it is not Source 2

Something big is coming

One of the most reliable leaker and data miner in CSGO just recently revealed that something big is coming for the game.

However, it might not have anything to do with the announcement of Source 2. Even though source 2 has been a hot topic among CSGO players ever since Valve devs talked about it back in 2017. Although the recent report by some reliable source claimed that in a recent internal meeting Valve decided to completely cancel source 2 for CSGO.

Since he didn’t exactly reveal what exactly is coming, the speculations and theories about what it could be are at an all-time high. At the same time, Gabe follower on twitter clearly stated that he knows exactly what the announcement will be about. And it has nothing to do with source 2. Furthermore, he also told everyone to not overhype source 2.

It is not Source 2!

Some players in the community think that it could be about the announcement of a 128-tick server for CSGO. Ever since VALORANT one of the very few direct competitors of CSGO came out back on June 2nd, there were some rumors floating around that Valve might introduce features like 128-tick servers.

CSGO new announcement
Image via Valve

The recent rise of cheaters in public matchmaking is making more and more players switch to Faceit, a third-party service with some robust anti-cheat solution and 128-tick servers. However, all of these are speculations at this point and should be taken with a grain of salt.

Since it is clearly stated that it is not going to be source 2, speculations are becoming wilder every day. Seems like we will have to wait for the actual announcement from Valve to know exactly what they are planning to do with CSGO.


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