Players can no longer use OBS Game Capture while in trusted mode after the new CS:GO update

OBS may no longer work with CSGO

Valve introduced their new trusted mode in CSGO that would work in conjunction with their anti-cheat solution VAC to combat the overwhelming amount of cheaters in the game.

In the process of combating the cheating problem that is pretty prevalent in the game, Valve just made it difficult for content creators as they can no longer capture their gameplay while in trusted mode. CS:GO kind of reached a tipping point when it comes to the number of cheaters that an average player faces in a typical game.

Most of the pro players don’t even play public matchmaking to avoid dealing with the cheaters. The vast majority of casual players are also moving towards third party services like Faceit to enjoy their more robust anti-cheat solution and 128-tick servers.

Image via OBS

However, with this new update, players who usually use OBS which is a pretty popular game capturing application can no longer record gameplay while using the new trusted mode. While there are some workaround to this problem like players can use Window Capture with non-fullscreen modes or use the untrusted launch option if they must play in fullscreen.

Although most casual players do not want to bother with these problems. They just want to use OBS normally as they have been for a long time now. Valve’s new push towards making CSGO a better place for players has made it difficult for them to address the issue.

The upcoming patch should fix the issue. According to OBS, they are willing to work with Valve to solve the issue. Now, Valve needs to step up and fix the issue as soon as possible.

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