Pro CSGO player fakes his own death and then later caught playing in the ESEA league

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Valve

A CSGO pro meho was just caught playing in the ESEA league after he allegedly died in a car crash.

A few days ago one of Meho’s friends confirmed on twitter that he passed away in a car crash. Following this many figures in the pro-CSGO scene reached out to give their condolences to his family in this time of suffering.

However, as it turns out, it was all fake as he was later caught playing in the ESEA league. Apparently, Meho and a couple of his friends decided to play a prank by publicly stating that he somehow died in a car crash. According to Meho, he did it to get unbanned from the ESEA league.

meho playing in the ESEA CSGO
Image via Esports talk

Meho later explained that it was just a meme and he and his friends did not think that it would actually blow up in the way it did. While he may think it was funny, some people in the CSGO community was understandably not as thrilled as him after hearing the news.

Meho explained his side in a tweet:

Image via Esports talk

All the people who actually reached out and shared their condolences were in fact shocked. Most of them did not think it was funny. Some even shared their disappointment as Meho made fun of some pretty sensitive topics.

All in all, at least he didn’t die in a car crash. Furthermore, Meho later claimed that he actually joined a professional VALORANT team. And will continue with VALORANT in the future. Although, it is still hard to believe anything he says after the stunt he pulled recently.

Meho joins pro VALORANT squad
Image via Esports Talk
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