CSGO fan created a waggish tribute to celebrate s1mple

Now this has some good meme potential

Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev is a professional CSGO player who currently plays for NAVI as a part of their active CSGO roster.

S1mple is often widely regarded as the best player in the whole CSGO history. He is one of the very few players out there who is proficient with both AWP and rifles like AK-47. Usually, in CSGO, players who are really good with an AWP is not necessary very capable with other rifles.

Image via Navi.gg

However, s1mple is a beast as he can outperform his opponents at every stage of the game. Consequently, he has fans all over the world not just in his native country Ukraine. He really brings the ex-factor into CSGO with his strong personality.

Fan made a tribute for s1mple

A tribute that nobody asked for but everybody needed in this quarantine as we are all stuck in our houses with nothing better to do. This CSGO fan created a pretty memorable clip featuring s1mple as the most beautiful player in the world.

S1mple is also known for interacting with his fans. Just recently he gave away a signed mouse pad to a disabled fan who is also a streamer on Twitch. This wholesome act really won the internet. It is always very amusing to see s1mple interacting with his fans in such a wholesome way. Therefore fans also love to return the favor with this tongue in cheek manner.

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