Gaules is currently facing backlash from the CS:GO community after he doubles down on his cheating accusation against a minor

Gaules is now under public scrutiny

Alexandre “gAuLeS” Borba is a professional Brazilian CSGO player who is currently facing a public backlash from the CSGO community as he accused a minor CSGO player of cheating in a recent qualifier tournament.

All this started when Chaos defeated MIBR, a Brazilian esports organization on cs_summit 6 North America Regional qualifier tournament. This loss in turn sent MIBR into the lower bracket of the tournament. After the upset, Gaules called out Nathan “leaf” Orf, a professional CS:GO player for team Chaos of cheating in the qualifier tournament.

Gaules  Twitch
Image via gaules’s twitch

Soon after Gaules called out Leaf of cheating in the tournament, Brazilian CSGO fans started to send death threats to Leaf who is still a minor as he is only 16 years old. Things got so out of hand as both fans of MIRB and Chaos started to name call each other on all social media platforms.

However, there is still no hard irrefutable proof that Leaf did in fact used any cheats to get an advantage in the games. Although there are some clips out there that look sketchy. But they don’t really prove anything.

Gaules calls out Chaos on Twitter

While it seemed like the flame died down a little bit, Gaules called out Leaf again with the entirety of Team Chaos in a tweet for being really bad at the game. Following that many notable figures in the CSGO community like Thorin, dev1ce called out Gaules for accusing someone of cheating without any solid evidence to back it up.

I’m not defending the manhunt on leaf. I don’t think that’s right without IRREFUTABLE evidence. But that doesn’t mean people generalizing and calling Brazilians monkeys is correct.. that’s equally bad behavior. There’s a worldwide movement for equality, let’s strive to be better“, Brazilian CS:GO legend zews on the current situation.

All this has created bad blood between fans of both sides. Many in the CS:GO competitive scene is now calling out Gaules for unnecessarily calling out a minor for allegedly cheating which leads to some unwanted name-calling and even death threats.


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