CS:GO’s caster HenryG claims that irreparable damage has been done to him behind the scenes following his false assault allegation

HenryG wants false accusations to be punished as well

Recently former CSGO player turned caster Henry “HenryG” Greer was accused of sexual assault by his ex-girlfriend Kelly Jean who is also a Twitch streamer.

After Kelly accused HenryG of allegedly abusing her emotionally and physically when they were in a relationship with each other. Following her statements, some of the prominent members in the CSGO community started to ask Valve to cancel HenryG from any future CSGO tournaments hosted by them.

HenryG on Twitter
Image via HenryG’s twitter

However, after hearing HenryG’s side of the story, people started to side with HenryG as it was pretty clear that Kelly might have said something out of context to perform a character assassination on HenryG.

The damage is already done

Even though most of the people who initially jumped to a conclusion without hearing HenryG’s side of the story deleted their tweet and moved on with their lives, irreparable damage has already been done to HenryG’s career.

I will never be the same again


The recent trend of canceling someone without proper evidence and facts has caused someone like HenryG to lose his entire carrier. Even if he isn’t proven guilty, many companies may not work with him in the future as his reputation in the CSGO scene has been tarnished behind the scene.

In the last couple of days, we have already seen some of the notable figures in the esports community face backlash regarding their past acts. Some of them are even facing serious consequences following theses allegations without any proper investigation done by the appropriate authorities.

According to HenryG, false accusations need to be punished. Although currently in the age of the internet, some people love to jump on the bandwagon without doing proper research. Moving forward we all should wait for all the facts and evidence before jumping to any conclusions and cancel someone on the internet.


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