HenryG finally responds to the assault allegations made by his ex-girlfriend

HenryG finally explained his side of the story

Henry “HenryG” Greer was accused by his ex-girlfriend Kelly jean who is also a Twitch streamer that he sexually assaulted her when she was intoxicated.

HenryG is pretty well known in the CSGO community as he was a former professional Counter-Strike player and now he is known for casting in CSGO’s big tournaments. Recently his ex-girlfriend Kelly Jean called him out on twitter for physically and mentally abusing her. Furthermore, she even accused him of sexually assaulting her when she couldn’t give any consent.

Many notable members in the CSGO community started to throw shade at HenryG for allegedly assaulting his former partner. Some members were also waiting for HenryG to share his side of the story. After all the public backlash, HenryG finally decided to make a public statement regarding all the recent allegations that were made against him.

HenryG’s response:

As it turns out, Kelly Jean left out some really important details when she accused HenryG of abuse. According to the statement made by HenryG, Kelly tried to visit her multiple times even after her relationship with him ended.

The story is quite different from HenryG’s side

Despite our relationship ending, and despite my insistence that she no longer comes to my home, she continued to attempt to visit me there. On May 28th, 2020, Kelly turned up uninvited to my home in London. She attempted to force herself into my property because she wanted to talk about our relationship, despite it officially ending in August 2018, and anything happening afterward being on a mutually agreed casual basis. She told me there was a man waiting downstairs in case anything happened, even though the interaction was unexpected and initiated by her arrival.“, HenryG explained in his statement.

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Apparently Kelly Jean has suffered trauma related to incidents from a previous relationship. And that might have caused her to experience trauma in connection with the events of New Year’s Eve where she claimed to have been assaulted by HenryG.

According to HenryG, what happened between them was consensual. Right after HenryG shared his side of the story, the general consensus among the CSGO community is that HenryG might be the one in the right here. Right now the CSGO community kind of shifted sides with HenryG as he explained what caused her to accuse him of abuse.

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