Kelly Jean accused former CSGO pro turned caster HenryG of sexual assault

HenryG is currently under fire from the CSGO community

Henry “HenryG” Greer has been accused by his ex-girlfriend Kelly jean for sexually assaulting her when she couldn’t give any consent.

HenryG is known in the CSGO community for being a caster in major CSGO tournaments. This former British CSGO player turned caster is currently facing public scrutiny for allegedly assaulting his ex-girlfriend both physically and emotionally.

What he did was wrong and an incredibly selfish decision that has had a pretty profound psychological impact on me,” Jean explained on her tweetlonger post.

Apparently HenryG tried to make physical advances on her while she couldn’t give any consent as she was really high from marijuana. All this happened during the new year’s celebration this year.

Henry 'Henry G' Greer assault allegation
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Furthermore, HenryG allegedly had relationships with multiple women at the same time. Apparently he even cheated on his last partner before Jean. According to Jean, the incident made her seek counsel from therapists.

Additionally Jean also made claims that HenryG was really manipulative and tried to discredit her story. After Jean made this allegation against HenryG, many in the CSGO esports community now wants Valve to take action against HenryG. Although Jean did claim she doesn’t advocate for any consequences for HenryG and she just wanted to share her side of the story.

HenryG is yet to make any public statement regarding the matter. Some prominent members in the CSGO community now want HenryG to be canceled from participating in any future CSGO event hosted by Valve.


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