Source 2 for CSGO has been reportedly canceled by Valve

Source 2 for CSGO is no longer happening

Ever since 2017 when Valve developers first talked about introducing Source 2 engine to their upcoming games, CSGO players have been waiting for some good news from Valve.

As it turns out, Source 2 is now no longer on the table for Valve as some report says that Valve completely scrapped the project and moved on. While the introduction of VALORANT’s beta sparked some new rumors that valve was working on porting CSGO to their source 2 engine just like Dota 2 and their recent VR title half-life: Alyx.

According to Tyler McVicker, who is a pretty reliable source in the CSGO community when it comes to leaks explained in his recent live stream on Twitch that Valve completely discarded the whole project and moved on. Apparently there was a big meeting at Valve where they decided to move on from this project.

Before that Valve had a working prototype that they build over the last two years. Since it was too much work for them, they decided to completely shut it down and move on.

The main reason why Valve canceled Source 2

The main reason behind Valve’s decision to completely ditch Source 2 was that they just couldn’t port the huge amount of community-made content that made CSGO into what it is today. According to the report, Valve could have easily ported the game over to source 2 if they wanted to. However, they just couldn’t port the huge community-made content over to source 2 without facing massive setbacks along the way.

CSGO source 2 canceled
Image via valve

The massive amount of community-made library of content has made it difficult for them to port the game over to their next-gen engine. Although in the future if Valve could somehow manage to easily port over the huge backlog of community-created content to be easily playable in the new engine, there is still a chance.

However, as of now, Valve has no plans in the immediate future to release source 2 in CSGO any time soon. CSGO’s biggest strength is its community. And abandoning years of community-made content might not go well with the community. Consequently, they have decided on moving on for now.


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