When Does Smolder Enter League of Legends

Shoaib Akter Himel
By Shoaib Akter Himel
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Image Credit: Riot Games

The newest League of Legends champion, Smolder, has a confirmed release date now.

Smolder is going to be the 168th champion in League of Legends. This baby dragon ADC has a very unique yet simple play style. Riot designed this champion for the ADC mains who want simple yet fun gameplay. Smolder’s character story is also very fun and directly connects to his ultimate ability as well, as he calls for help from his mother, who then shoots fire down to heal him and damage enemies.

The champion had been in development for quite a long time and was supposed to be released earlier. However, due to unforeseen circumstances and setbacks, its release was delayed.

Earlier, it seemed as though Smolder would be joining the Rift with patch 14.2‘s release on January 24, 2024. But that was not the case, even though we already have seen his skin, emotes, and icons. If you are yet to know about Smolder’s gameplay, you can check this link out.

In this article, I will inform you of Smolder’s exact date of entering the game.

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Smolder Official Release Date

Smolder Splash Art
image credit: riot games

Smolder will be available on the live server on January 31st at 20:00 UTC.

So basically, it will be just a week after the patch 14.2 drops and 1 week before 14.3.

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