New Emotes and Icons Coming In LoL Patch 14.3

Shoaib Akter Himel
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Image Credit: Riot Games and League Of Legends Leaks & News

All the new emotes and icons for lol patch 14.3 have been revealed.

League of Legends season 2024 has successfully kicked off, and it’s been almost two weeks already. We have already got multiple updates following the Look Ahead video from Riot. These include updates on new game modes, skins, ranked system changes, etc.

Patch 14.2 notes are already out, consisting mostly of champion and item balances. Other than gameplay, the next patch is going to introduce us to the Primal Ambush skin line.

For patch 14.3, Heavenscale skins are in the queue. This skin line will be released to commemorate the Lunar New Year 2024. And with new skins come new emotes and icons. Thanks to League of Legends Leaks & News, you can already see what the collectibles look like.

In this article, let’s have a look at them.

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All the New Emotes and Icons in Lol Patch 14.3

New Icons

New Icons Patch 14.3
image credit: Riot games and League of legends leaks & news

Riot is introducing 47 new emotes in patch 14.3. Among them, you can see the Heavenscale icons for Kai’Sa, Lee Sin, Talon, Diana, Janna, Master Yi, and Smolder. Among them, Lee Sin and Ezreal will be getting Prestige skins. Hence, you can see the prestige icons there beside the regular ones as well.

LoL Esports regional championship icons are also coming, including LCK, LPL, LEC, PCS, etc.

Also, to honor the release of Bandle City (Lol story-driven RPG), the characters from the game have received their respective icons. You can also find Smolder’s icons here, as he will be released on patch 14.3 as well.

New Emotes

New Emotes Patch 14.3
image credit: Riot games and League of legends leaks & news

The emotes in patch 14.3 will also feature the Heavenscale skin champions. Smolder also gets his first emote, along with his skin, in this patch.

Patch 14.3 Release Date

 All the new emotes and icons shown in this article will be released in patch 14.3, which will drop on February 7, 2024.

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