Shroud Thinks TenZ is Worth a Million After the VALORANT Masters Win

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: C9

VALORANT Stage-1 Masters NA has finally concluded as Sentinels win the series in a dominant 3-0 fashion against Faze Clan.

Now the real question is how much is exactly TenZ worth right now after that dominant performance in this tournament. TenZ is currently under a loan from Cloud9 since Sinatraa was suspended from Sentinels following a sexual assault allegation from his ex-girlfriend.

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As Sinatraa was removed from the team in the middle of a tournament, Sentinels were able to search for a sub to keep competing in the tournament. TenZ’s retirement was short-lived after he was reached by ShahZaM from Sentinels with an offer to play as a sub instead of Sinatraa.

TenZ was still under a contract with C9 so Sentinels had to take over his contract for the entire duration of the Masters event. After coming back from retirement, TenZ was literally dominating the pro lobby. His performance stunned the whole VALORANT scene.

TenZ is worth around $1 million

And now Shroud thinks following this win, TenZ’s price might have jumped up quite a bit. According to Shroud, TenZ is probably worth anywhere between $250K to $1 million at max.

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Some reports also claim he might already be worth close to a million before Masters. Meaning he might actually be worth more than what Shroud is speculating.

Now, the real question is will Sentinels buy the overall rights to TenZ at this point. The general consensus among fans is that it is a no-brainer purchase for Sentinels. However, C9 is definitely going to charge a premium for TenZ after his dominant performance coming straight out of retirement.

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