Shaco, Soraka, Leblanc, Trundle, and some others are getting buffs in patch 11.2

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Riot Games to buff Dr. Mundo, Trundle, Shaco, Nocturne, Leblanc, Caitlyn, Varus, Senna, and Soraka in League of Legends patch 11.2.

After the 2021 preseason changes, Riot had to push multiple balance updates to fix the “overpowered” champions. However, even with so many new items and build paths, some champions are still underperforming in season 11.

And now, League of Legends Gameplay Design Director Mark “Scruffy” Yetter has previewed LoL Patch 11.2. And it seems Dr. Mundo, Trundle, Shaco, Nocturne, Leblanc, Caitlyn, Varus, Senna, and Soraka are getting buffs in League of Legends Patch 11.2.

LoL Patch 11.2 Buffs

Dr. Mundo


  • HP refund on hit: 40 >>> 50%
  • HP refund on kill: 80 >>> 100%


  • Cost: 25-65 >>> 20-60
  • Damage: 3-5 >>> 4-6% max HP


  • Healing: 50-100 >>> 50-110% max HP

Dr. Mundo is currently in one of the worst states in season 11. He only has a 45% win rate while having less than a 1% pick rate. Even though Dr. Mundo’s rework is going live in the next few months, Riot is giving Dr. Mundo some buffs in patch 11.2.



  • Bonus damage ratio: 10-50 >>> 15-55% tAD


  • Attack speed: 20-100 >>> 30-110%

Trundle had a dominant run in the pro games in season 10. This resulted in him getting nerfs in multiple patches last season. Therefore, his pick and win rate dropped significantly in the soloq. Riot, however, did buff him later on, but he currently has one of the lowest win rates in League of Legends, with just 43.54% win rate. Hence, Riot is buffing him in Patch 11.2.



  • Base backstab damage: 10-25 >>> 20-35

Previously, Riot mentioned that they are buffing a “handful” of champions who are feeling a bit off in the new season, and Shaco was one of them. And now, for patch 11.2, Riot is giving Shaco some kind of love.



  • Cooldown: 10 >>> 8s


  • Cooldown: 150-100 >>> 140-90

Because of him being dominant in the mid-lane, Nocturne received multiple nerfs last season, making his win rate just 45.57% in season 11. Therefore, Riot is buffing him in Patch 11.2.


Base stats:

  • Health per lvl: 92 >>> 97


  • Mana cost: 50-90 >>> 50-70

Leblanc theoretically should do well in season 11 with those patch 10.22 and 11.1 changes, but apparently, she only has a 48.47% win rate with a 3.7% pick rate. As a result, Riot is buffing her in patch 11.2.


Base stats:

  • AD per level: 2.88 >>> 3.3

It was not that long ago when Caitlyn was the meta ADC because others were in a pretty bad spot. However, because of the nerfs in last season, her current state in Season 11 dropped quite significantly. And this buff in patch 11.2 might bring some of her strength back in League of Legends.


Base stats:

  • Mana per lvl: 33 >>> 40


  • Cooldown: 120-60 >>> 100-60

Varus has been a below-average ADC for most of season 10, even with some notable buffs. As his current state is still the same, Riot is buffing him in Patch 11.2.


  • Attack Speed ratio: 0.2 >>> 0.3
  • Non-kill Ghoul spawn chance: 22 >>> 28%
  • Gold from Ghouls: 3 >>> 8


  • Healing ratios: (40% AD) (25% AP) >>> (50% AD) (40% AP)

Senna also received multiple nerfs last season because of her being overpowered in the ADC role rather than the support role. Currently, she only has a 45.41% win rate, making her be on the buff list.



  • Health restore: 50-90 >>> 50-110


  • Heal: 80-220 (+60% AP) >>> 90-230 (+70% AP)

Soraka is apparently not having a great time in the Summoner’s Rift, as currently, she only has a 46.2% win rate. Even though the new support items benefit healing supports, she is kinda not able to utilize them properly. Hence, Riot is giving her some buffs in patch 11.2.



  • Cooldown: 15-7 >>> 14-6

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