Dr. Mundo Rework: Everything we know

Riot shared more information about Dr. Mundo’s rework, and here’s everything we know so far about the VGU.

Riot Games first teased about Dr. Mundo’s VGU back in the June 2020 roadmap, and later in the September 2020 Champion Roadmap, Riot revealed some more information. Previously, Riot said they were looking forward to improving three things in Mundo’s VGU, better visuals and theme, significant gameplay improvements, and keeping him a very simple champion.

And now in the latest dev post, Riot Games shared some more development updates regarding Dr. Mundo Rework.

New VFX and updated look

New VFX and updated look
Image Via Riot Games

“Creating Mundo’s new model and texture is like setting the stage for other disciplines (like animators and VFX artists) to expand him further,” Riot Games said. “We also have to think about how we retain what we love from Mundo’s old model.”

In the new reworked model, Mundo will wear a soft sandal and his animations have “multiple layers of personality”.

New VFX and updated look
Image Via Riot Games

Dr. Mundo Rework Gameplay and possible abilities

In the rework, Riot is keeping the doctor theme but this time he will have a “dark comedy” theme which is unique among League of Legends champions. Gameplay-wise his kit will remain very simple where Mundo will have no mobility or hard CC.

In his reworked Q ability, he will throw ax cleave and after throwing, he will immediately grab a new weapon from his bag.

“His tower attack however highlights his stupidity and inability to feel pain…”


His possible reworked ultimate will give him “chemically enhanced physicality” which will simply make him big, so big he bursts out of his jacket. Riot is also keeping the Mundo’s ultimate transform where he becomes a HP regenerating monster.


Dr. Mundo Rework Release Date

Dr. Mundo Rework will hit the PBE in a few months and the full VGU might release in May 2021.

New Skin Teaser

In the latest dev post, Riot teased how the Rageborn Mundo is going to look like:

New Skin Teaser
Image Via Riot Games

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