September 2020 Champion Roadmap showcase: Dr. Mundo VGU, Seraphine, new jungler, and more

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Image Via Riot Games

Ahead of the preseason, Riot Games has shared the 2020 September Champion Roadmap featuring Dr. Mundo VGU, a potential Seraphine teaser, a new jungler, and the upcoming support champion.

A couple of months earlier, in the previous roadmap Riot Games, announced that they are planning on releasing five champions per year. Following up on their goals, they have already released Sett, Lillia, Yone, and Samira.

And now, League of Legends’ lead champion producer Ryan “Reav3” Mireles has shared some more information about the upcoming new champions and Dr. Mundo’s VGU. 

According to Reav3, the upcoming two champions are going to be a mid-lane mage and support. Furthermore, on the lastest dev post Riot has also shared more details about Dr. Mundo’s VGU, and a new jungler.

Possible Seraphine teaser

The rumors strongly suggest that the upcoming new mid-lane mage is going to be Seraphine. And on the 2020 September Champion Roadmap, Riot has stated the new mage as “Become a Fan.” As Seraphine Twitter bio also describes herself as a songwriter, it is now pretty much clear that Seraphine is the upcoming mid laner in League of Legends.

Seraphine teaser
Image Via Riot Games

Seraphine is going to be a “Piltover and Zaun’s new rising star” who has the ability to make anyone instant mega-fan. Her recent leak however revealed the entire kit and based on the leaks it seems like she is going to be a support-mage type champion.

New Support and Jungler

The previous roadmap revealed that the upcoming new support champion is going to be an ultra-heavy tank. And now, Riot has teased the new support champion as “Iron-willed criminal”. Moreover, Riot has also shared that the new support champion wears heavy armor and “known to mount a quick retreat when cornered.”

New Support and Jungler

Riot has also teased the upcoming new Jungler in League of Legends. According to Riot, the new jungler is going to be a “romantic” skirmisher who has “twisting hearts” and “possessing minds”. The new jungler is expected to debut in the Summoner’s Rift early next year.

Dr. Mundo VGU Update

Riot is looking forward to improving three things in Mundo’s VGU, they want him to have better visuals and theme, significant gameplay improvements, and keeping him a very simple champion.

Riot also shared that they want Mundo to embody a kind of “dark comical” theme while keeping his kit with no hard CC or mobility.

“Overall, we’re going to keep Mundo’s gameplay pretty similar,” Riot Games on Dr. Mundo VGU. “There will of course be tweaks and changes to many of his abilities to add more skill expression, satisfaction, and counterplay, but he will still feel like the same old Mundo we’ve grown to love.”

Dr. Mundo is expected to hit the live servers in 2021.

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