Riot shares details on what players can expect from the new Item Shop Update in 2021 preseason

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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The season 11 preseason is knocking at the door and ahead of the preseason, Riot shares details on the new item shop update.

For the upcoming 2021 preseason, Riot is bringing some major changes to the items in League of Legends. They have already shared how the Grievous Wounds is going to work and revealed more information about the new item class “Mythic Items“.

Moreover, in the previous Riot Pls video, they have also teased a new and completely redesigned item shop. And today, League of Legends’ lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter has given some more details on the new shop interface.

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“The Recommended Page, has been completely remade to better support our new recommendation system,” Mark Yetter on the new item shop. “This system will take into account a full tree of what your champion could build based on high level player data and serve up viable item choices.”

Item Shop update preseason 2021
Image Via Riot Games

The shop will show all the items your current champion can possibly build. The shop engine is made in a way where it will analyze the enemy team’s stats during the game like damage done, CC, healing, resistances, and more. And based on the matchup it will recommend the items you should be building.

Additionally, there will some other sorting options as well. There will be a series of tabs that will allow players to filter items by the classes, for example, if you’re a Tank, everything you need is probably inside the Tank tab. Moreover, from the preseason League players will be able to separate items by their rarity.

Furthermore, there will be a Popular filter tab that will let you use the data from the recommendation system to view only the items your character most commonly builds.

All these new changes will be available from the season 11 preseason which is expected to hit the PBE in less than two weeks.

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