Healing and Grievous Wounds are getting some major changes in the 2021 Preseason update

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Riot is giving some major updates to Healing and Grievous Wounds in the upcoming 2021 Preseason update.

Last season, Riot brought some significant adjustments to the Elemental Rifts that shift the meta by quite a margin. For season 11, Riot will be testing out some major changes to the Marksman, Jungle, Mage, and Tank items. And they are also planning on reworking Cooldown Reduction to “Ability Haste” in the 2021 Preseason update as well.

And along with all these changes, on their latest dev post, Riot has announced that they will also be giving some major updates to Healing, Grievous Wounds, and Tenacity.

Healing has been one of the major issues in League of Legends for years now. If the enemy team has champions like Soraka, Yuumi, and other healers, Grievous Wounds becomes a must buy item. But most of the time the Grievous Wounds purchase feels like it is doing nothing what so ever.

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“Healing has become so common that Grievous Wounds has gone from a contextual choice meant for healing-heavy games to a viable option in most games,” Riot Games said. “We’re looking across runes, items, and champ kits to trim some healing where we think it’s unnecessary, which should in turn reduce the necessity of Grievous Wounds options in builds.”

To counter healings, from the 2021 Preseason update, Riot will be tweaking some runes and items that will help to reduce the healings as well.

With the new changes coming in, Riot will also bring some further effects to Grievous Wounds as well. “We’re looking to make Grievous Wounds a sharper effect that more effectively counters extreme healing situations, and gives up a bit of its upfront power,” Riot Games said.

Besides healing, Riot will also improve Tenacity that will reduce the duration of knock-ups. And League players can expect to test all these new changes in the 2021 Preseason update.


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