Riot is reworking Cooldown Reduction to “Ability Haste” in the 2021 Preseason update

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Riot is bringing some major items change along with the Cooldown Reduction rework to Ability Haste in the 2021 Preseason update.

In League of Legends, Cooldown Reduction is a great statistic to keep in mind before completing items. As it is capped at 40% or 45% after taking Cosmic Insight, it is crucial to utilize it properly for some specific champions.

But today on the latest dev post, Riot Games has announced that they are reworking CDR to Ability Haste in the 2021 Preseason update. Riot said, “We’re reworking CDR to enable more flexibility in how we use the stat and create clearer build choices, while still filling the purpose of letting you cast abilities more often.”

On the Cooldown Reduction, 10% CDR meant 11% more casts, 40% CDR is 66% more casts, and 50% CDR is 100% more casts. But in Ability Haste, it will be a linear power scaling model. Which means from the preseason, 10 Ability Haste will be 10% more abilities cast, 20 will be 20% more and so on.

The new changes are not nerfs by any means and regarding that Riot said, “you should have the potential to reach the same frequency of spell-slinging, but the way you get there will be more linear.”

Riot has also mentioned that Ability Haste will be uncapped, which means there will be no more 40 percent CDR cap. “With the new linear scaling model, we don’t need this restriction anymore,” Riot Games said.

The 2021 preseason will also bring some major changes to Marksman, Jungle, Mage, and Tank items. And with the Ability Haste being uncapped, it will unquestionably bring more diverse build paths in League of Legends.

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By Ali Ahmed Akib Editor-in-chief
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