Riot Shares New Update on Naafiri Release Date

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By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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An update has come in terms of the release date of Naafiri in League of Legends.

Riot has been hard at work on champions this year so far. There have been so many reworks over the course of this season thus far. Season 13 so far has had notable champion reworks for Azir, Neeko, Aurelion Sol, and more. Also, there have been just as many items reworks this year as well, and many of them are coming in Patch 13.10.

While the Aurelion Sol rework has transformed him into an entirely new character, his lore remains unchanged. As for new champion releases, there has only been the introduction of Milio. The Enchanter Support brought an anti-engage kit with a lot of healing. Overall, he has been a good addition to League of Legends.

Three more champions are in the pipeline to be released at some point, starting with Naafiri. However, the release date of Naafiri is still unknown, with the knowledge that Naafiri will be the next champion released in League of Legends. In light of that, there has been an update regarding Naafiri’s release, and here is what we know so far.

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Naafiri Release Date

It seems the development process of Naafiri may have hit a bit of a snag. Riot Lexical indicated a potential release date for the champion.

According to Riot Lexical, Naafiri is not quite ready yet. She could very well have been delayed a little to fix certain issues. As for a potential release date, we could see her coming in either Patch 13.12 or 13.13. So we should expect to see her hopefully sometime around June. Let’s hope we get a full update soon.

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