Riot Changes Trinkets on LoL Patch 13.10

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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Trinkets are getting major changes in Patch 13.10 for League of Legends.

League of Legends is getting some major changes in Patch 13.10. The highlights of the patch are the items changes that are coming. These cataclysmic changes will shake up League of Legends, which people will need to adapt to in Patch 13.10.

While the item changes are the focus, we are still getting some champion changes. As for more details about the item update, we are getting a new item called Echoes of Helia. Also, we are getting ADC item changes across the board as well as Support item changes. Lastly, there are some more balance changes to buff or nerf items.

It does not stop there, as Riot also made some other system changes. Minions are getting a bit of change, as well as the Unleashed Teleport timer is being decreased. A lot of the game is changing in one patch, and this will be an uphill battle for players to adjust to.

Speaking of system changes, Riot is also changing how Trinkets work. Thus, let’s talk about the Trinket changes and what to expect from League of Legends after the patch drops.

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Trinkets Change Patch 13.10

As per the official patch notes, two Trinkets are getting changes: Farsight Alteration (Blue Trinket) and Oracle Lens (Red Trinket). Here are the exact changes for both Trinkets.

Farsight Alteration

The Blue Trinket is getting some interesting changes. It is changing how it works functionally and will reveal over terrain now. Also, if it reveals an enemy champion, they will be pinged, and the vision range will increase significantly and then explode shortly. Here are the full changes.

  • Farsight Alternation will now reveal 500 units over walls and terrain.
  • It will now ping enemy champions if revealed by Farsight Alteration.
  • If an enemy champion is detected, the vision range will increase to 800 units from 500 units and then explode shortly.

As per the note, Farsight Alteration will still last enough time for an enemy to destroy the ward for the 15 gold if anyone is discovered.

Oracle Lens

The second Trinket to change is the Oracle Lens, which will get charges now. The entire team will have more visibility of wards to clear out those wards. However, the Oracles’ overall duration will decrease, and the charge time will be significantly higher.

  • If the owner of the Oracle Lens hits a ward, the entire team will get 2 seconds of vision to clear out the ward.
  • Oracle Lens will now have 2 charges.
  • Charge Recharge Timer: 160 – 100 seconds (based on level)
  • Duration: 10 seconds >>> 6 seconds.

This will change how vision is cleared as it will be more of a team effort. The duration being shorter means fewer wards can be cleared during the effect is active. However, there could be a new strategy where players can just hit the ward once and expect a teammate to clear it within 2 seconds. It will take a little bit of time for players to get used to these changes.

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