Riot pushed a secret change to Kassadin’s ultimate and players are stating it as a major nerf

On patch 10.21, Riot pushed a secret change to Kassadin’s ultimate that shows the exact location of his ultimate and many Kassadin mains are saying that this is a major nerf to his kit.

League of Legends’ patch 10.21 just came out a few days ago with a bunch of new changes. Meta junglers like Graves, Nidalee, and Hecarim received some notable nerfs whereas Aphelios, Lee Sin, and others received buffs. Additionally, Riot also fixed multiple clients and champion bugs as well.

Besides all these buffs and nerfs, Riot also pushed a secret change to Kassadin’s ultimate without mentioning it on the patch notes.

The new change first spotted by Reddit user u/Magehunter_Skassi where he noticed that in the new Hextech Kassadin skin, his R animation makes a blue circle indicating the exact location of Kassadin’s ultimate. Therefore, many players stated the Hextech Kassadin skin as “pay to lose”.

However, after the patch came out, players started to notice that the new indication for Kassadin Riftwalk is not only for the Hextech Kassadin but for every skin.

Many Kassadin mains are already saying that the new change is a major secret nerf to Kassadin as it now shows the exact location of his ultimate. And some believe he is more predictable now and R displaying the ending position 0.5s before the animation will make him more predictable in the future. Additionally, players are also reporting that Riot has secretly nerfed his passive as well.

Moreover, some Kassadin mains are saying that they are not against the new changes as it is a great addition for the players who are playing against him. However, they think Riot should have at least mentioned it on the patch notes.

Riot Support has also acknowledged the issue and said that more information regarding the new Kassadin ultimate will come very soon.

Previously, Riot also made changes to Tryndamere that now makes a short flash at the start and end of his ultimate to communicate the exact timing that the buff expires. But they did mention that on the patch notes. So, regarding the Kassadin issue, we can also expect to see Riot’s announcement very soon.

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