Tryndamere is finally getting a better ultimate timer indicator in patch 10.18

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Riot is finally giving a clear ultimate timer indicator to Tryndamere on the upcoming patch 10.18.

Although Tryndamere is one of the oldest champions in League of Legends, he hardly gets mentioned in the patch notes. He is yet to receive any changes in season 10 and the last time he received a proper buff/nerf was back in patch 9.10.

Players however were not asking for any balance changes for Tryndamere rather a better indicator to his ultimate from Riot Games for years now. His ultimate Undying Rage lasts for 5s but there is still a no better way to clarify if his ultimate duration is over or not.

And after years of complaints, League of Legends’ Visual Effects Lead Artist for Skins, Riot Beardilocks has revealed that for the upcoming patch 10.18, they are finally adding a better indicator to Tryndamere’s ultimate.

“Tryndamere will now get a short flash at the start and end of his ultimate to communicate the exact timing that the buff expires,” Riot Games said.

However after being posted on Twitter, its already getting mixed reactions from the League of Legends players. Riot recently revealed that they are giving a VFX update to Ignite by making it brighter. And a lot of players are now saying that the new Tryndamere ultimate looks very similar to Ignite’s new effect which might cause conflicts among players.

Meanwhile, many players think this is a great addition to League of Legends and they are happy with the new changes.

But on the other hand, some Tryndamere mains are saying that they like the new VFX like update, but the new changes are clearly indirect nerfs for Tryndamere. He only has a 50% win rate with a 3.4% pick rate and with the new changes Tryndamere mains are concerned that his win rate and pick rate might drop if it goes into the live servers.

The new changes will hit PBE soon for testing and scheduled to go live on patch 10.18, September 2, 2020.

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