Riot Promises Consistent Releases of Game Modes in League of Legends

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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Riot has talked about Consistent Game Mode Releases in League of Legends.

As recent patches go, Riot has made a ton of changes in Patch 13.18 for League of Legends. Among those, Riot has tried to add enough content to satisfy the entire player base. For that, Riot has added ARAM clashes and more.

Riot has implemented the Arena game mode alongside the Summer Event to do that. That came with the Tournament of Souls Meta game. It was a huge success as it offered League of Legends players something new.

The introduction of Augments, Maps, etc, alongside fast gameplay, invigorated the player base. All those components made a huge impact. Thus, Arena is coming back in December alongside Nexus Blitz, which will return in October.

With game modes making returns, Riot Pupulasers talked about how Riot wants to invest in getting consistent game mode releases in League of Legends. Here is what we know so far.

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Consistent Game Mode Releases

Riot Pupulasers talked about a lot of things, amongst which was the game modes discussion.

In his words, Arena was a huge success in retaining old and new players. Riot wanted to do something impactful in the Summer Event, and Arena delivered that. It brought back players and had huge numbers that backed the popularity of the game mode.

Thus, Riot is bringing back Arena in December, and an old favorite, Nexus Blitz, is returning in October. With the release of Arena, Riot believes that “novel game modes” are a huge part of League of Legends to deliver fun experiences. With both of those coming soon, Riot Pupulasers said that this is to be expected going forward.

So, we can expect more game modes in the future as Riot makes new ones or tweaks older ones to fit the bill. It will be interesting to see what Riot does with the RGM system going forward. Hopefully, Riot keeps churning them out while considering whether any of these game modes can become permanent.

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