All Augments in LoL 2v2v2v2 Arena Game Mode

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Here are all the augments in the 2v2v2v2 Arena Game mode coming soon in League of Legends.

The Summer Event of League of Legends is bringing a lot of stuff to the game. For starters, we are getting the latest champion, Naafiri, a mid-lane simple-to-use assassin. Players are excited for the champion to come into the game. It is even better when the champion is animal-like, as that draws in the players.

Riot has talked quite a bit about Naafiri, including how her kit will help players to play or counteract assassins. Next is the Soul Fighters skin line, which fits the new game mode Arena, coming in Patch 13.14.

Theme-specific skins and game modes are what people want. A bunch of skins are coming, headlined by the Ultimate skin, Soul Fighter Samira. However, that particular skin has some controversy with how it is not worth being an Ultimate skin.

That aside, the 2v2v2v2 Arena game mode is the highlight of the Summer event. It is immensely popular in PBE, and there are already a lot of positive reviews. In light of that, let’s list all the augments the game mode offers in their respective rarities.

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Augments In 2v2v2v2 Arena Game Mode

In the new game mode, there are 3 rarities of Augments. They are known as follows in ascending order of rarity.

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Prismatic

Each of these rarities has multiple Augments in them, and we list all of them in their respective rarity categories.


There are 32 different Silver Augments in the 2v2v2v2 Arena Game mode. Silver Augments represent the color they are named after and have the weakest effects of the three rarities. Although, there are more Gold Augments than Silvers. The effects of these types of augments are more basic than the Gold and Prismatic Augments.

That said, here are all they are, along with the descriptions below.

ADAPtConvert 100% of your bonus Attack Damage into Ability Power. Also, increase your Ability Power by 10%.
Blunt ForceGain 15% Attack Damage.
Buff BuddiesYou gain permanent Red and Blue Buffs.
CastleGain the Castle Summoner Spell.
Castle allows you to swap places with your ally.
Also grants 50% bonus Movement Speed to the person that used the Summoner Spell.
ClotheslineA tether is formed between you and your ally that deals damage in a 50-unit radius. It deals 5 – 75 (based on level) magic damage every 0.25 seconds.
Contract KillerEach round, mark an opponent to take 20% more damage and grant an extra 350 gold on death to both you and your ally.
DeftGain 60% Attack Speed.
DematerializeAchieving a takedown on a new champion grants 18 bonus Attack Damage or 30 Ability Power (Adaptive). This effect only lasts until the end of the current round.
DesecratorImmobilizing a champion puts 3 Curse stacks on enemies for 5 seconds. This effect refreshes with each time you immobilize a champion, and it stacks infinitely.
For each Curse stack on target, you gain 1 permanent Bonus Health and affected enemies take 1 True Damage per second.
Don’t BlinkDeal 1% increased damage per 10 Movement Speed you have more than your targetted enemy.
Don’t ChaseGain Singed’s Q – Poison Trail.
The Poison Trail grants Ghosting and creates a poisonous smoke behind you that lingers for 3.25 seconds.
This cloud inflicts poison to targets inside the trail within 0.5 seconds, dealing 3.75 – 37.5 (based on level)(+5% bonus AD) (+3% AP) Magic Damage every 0.25 seconds for 2 seconds.
ErosionDamaging enemies shred 1.5% Armor and Magic Resist for 4 seconds, stacking up to 20 times (30% reduction at maximum for both).
EscAPADeConvert 100% of your Ability Power into bonus Attack Damage. Also, increase your Attack Damage by 10%.
ExecutionerDeal 15% more damage to enemies below 50% health. Reset your basic abilities on takedowns.
Fallen AegisStart combat with a shield for 12 seconds, that blocks 50 – 350 (based on level) Magic Damage and grants Crowd Control Immunity.
First-Aid KitGain 25% Heal and Shield Power.
FlashbangUsing the Flash Summoner Spell creates an explosion around the blink location for 70 – 240 (based on level) (+70% AD) (+60% AP) Magic Damage to nearby enemies and slows them by 35% for 1.25 seconds. Also, Flash now resets every round instead of once per two rounds.
FlashyGain 3 Charges of the Flash Summoner Spell that have a 2-second cooldown between casts.
Frost WraithEvery 7 seconds, Automatically Root nearby enemies for 1 second.
Frozen FoundationsGain the Frozen Foundations Summoner Spell.
Frozen Foundations summons a wall of ice at a location for 5 seconds.
GoredrinkGain 20% Omnivamp.
Guilty PleasureImmobilizing enemy champions restores 10 – 180 (based on level)(+2% Maximum Health).
Heavy HitterBasic Attack deal bonus Physical Damage equal to 5% of your Maximum Health.
Hold Very StillGain Teemo’s Passive – Guerilla Warfare.
Guerilla Warfare grants Invisibility after not moving/taking damage/performing actions/channeling and such for 1.5 seconds. Upon exiting Stealth, gain 20/40/60/80% (based on level) Attack Speed for 5 seconds.
HomeguardGain 100% bonus Movement Speed. This bonus is lost for 3 seconds after taking damage.
Ice ColdYour Slowing effects reduce Movement Speed by an extra 100.
Infernal SoulYou gain the Infernal Soul, dealing bonus damage when you hit enemies with Abilities or Attacks.
Juice BoxEach round, you and your teammate get an additional Juice for free.
Light ’em Up!Every 4th Attack deals additional magic damage.
Midnight ExpressAutomatically throw a lantern to your ally every 12 seconds.
The lantern can be clicked to dash to you.
Mind to MatterIncrease Max Health by half of your Mana.
Mountain SoulYou gain the Mountain Soul, gaining Shield after being out of combat for a short time.
Ocean SoulYou gain the Ocean Soul, healing you for 4 seconds when you do damage.
RepulsorOn dropping below 60 or 30% Health, nearby enemies are Knocked Back.
Shadow RunnerAfter using a movement Ability or exiting Stealth, gain 300 Movement Speed for 2 seconds.
Sonic BoomBuffing, Healing, or Shielding your ally deals damage and Slows enemies surrounding them.
Tank It or Leave ItYou can Critically Defend using your Critical Chance (max 60% chance), giving you a chance to reduce damage taken by 40%. Gain 20% Critical Chance.
TormentorImmobilizing enemy champions applies a Burn that deals damage over time, stacking infinitely.
TyphoonYour Attacks fire a bolt at an additional target dealing reduced damage and applying on-hits.
Virtuous CycleYour Heals grant extra Shield and your Shields grant extra Healing.
VulnerabilityYour Item and damage over time effects can Critically Strike. Gain 20% Critical chance.
Warmup RoutineGain the Warmup Routine Summoner Spell.
Warmup Routine allows you to channel to increase your damage for the rest of the round.
Witchful ThinkingGain 70 Ability Power.


Next is the Gold Augments, which are strong than Silver in terms of effects. Also, there are currently more Gold Augments than any other tier. Here is the list of all of them, including the description.

Apex InventorGain 300 Item Haste (equivalent to 75% Item CDR).
Banner of CommandGain the Banner of Command Summoner Spell.
Banner of Command empowers your ally for a brief duration.
Cannon FodderYou enter combat launching from a cannon.
Celestial BodyGain 1000 Health, but you deal 10% less damage.
Combo MasterGain the Electrocute and Phase Rush Keystone Runes.
Dawnbringer’s ResolveUpon dropping below 50% Health, heal for 30% max Health over 3 seconds.
Defensive ManeuversGain the Defensive Maneuvers Summoner Spell.
Defensive Maneuvers casts both Summoner Barrier and Heal on you and your teammate.
Demon’s DanceGain the Fleet Footwork and Grasp of the Undying Keystone Runes.
Die Another DayGain the Die Another Day Summoner Spell.
Die Another Day creates a zone where no unit can die for 4 seconds.
Dive BomberYour team’s first death each round explodes, dealing 20% Max Health true damage.
Ethereal WeaponYour Abilities apply on-hit effects. 1 second cooldown per target.
Extendo-ArmAutomatically fire a Blitzcrank hook every 12 seconds at a nearby champion.
FirebrandYour Attacks apply an infinitely stacking Burn, dealing damage over time.
From Beginning to EndGain the First Strike and Dark Harvest Keystone Runes.
It’s CriticalGain 40% Critical Chance.
Keystone ConjurerGain the Summon Aery and Arcane Comet Keystone Runes.
Lightning StrikesGain Attack Damage scaling with your Attack Speed.
MythicalYou can buy any number of Mythic Items.
OK BoomerangAutomatically fire a boomerang at a nearby enemy every 7s.
Outlaw’s GritYour Movement Abilities grant you 15 Armor and Magic Resist.
This stacks up to 5 times.
PerseveranceGain immensely increased Health Regeneration, which is further increased while low on Health.
Phenomenal EvilPermanently gain 1 Ability Power when you hit enemies with Abilities.
Rabble RousingUsing an Ability heals you for 2% Max Health.
RecursionGain 60 Ability Haste.
Restless RestorationYou constantly heal while moving, increased by distance traveled.
Scoped WeaponsGain 250 Attack Range, reduced to 150 for ranged characters.
Searing DawnYour Abilities mark enemies, causing them to take 24-160 magic damage from your ally’s next effect.
Shrink RayYour Attacks reduce an enemy’s damage by 20% for 3 seconds.
Soul SiphonGain 20% Critical Chance and 35% Lifesteal on Critical Strikes.
The BrutalizerGain 25 Attack Damage, 10 Ability Haste, and 10 Lethality.
Thread the NeedleGain 30% Armor Penetration and Magic Penetration.
VanishGain the Vanish Summoner Spell.
Vanish turns you Invisible for 4 seconds.
VengeanceGain massively increased damage and Omnivamp while your partner is dead.
Willing SacrificeWhen your ally drops below 30% Health, trade some of your health for a Shield on your ally.
With HasteGain Movement Speed equal to double your Ability Haste.


Lastly, we have the Prismatic Augments, which are the cream of the crop. There are some really unique and excellent effects amongst these. Thus, here are the descriptions and Augments list for the Prismatic rarity.

Acceleration SorceryUsing Abilities grans you infinitely stacking Ability Haste.
Back to BasicsGain increased Damage, Healing, Shielding, and Ability Haste, but you cannot use your Ultimate Ability.
Blade WaltzGain the Blade Waltz Summoner Spell.
Blade Waltz makes you untargetable while you dash at and damage enemies 8 times.
Can’t Touch ThisCasting your Ultimate also makes you Invulnerable for 2s. 8s cooldown.
ChaufferYou are attached to your ally and can’t move on your own. Your bonus Movement Speed is also granted to your ally, and you gain 100 Ability Haste and 50% Attack Speed.
Circle of DeathHealing you deals a portion of the value in Magic Damage to the nearest enemy champion.
Courage of the ColossusGain a Shield scaling with Max Health after Immobilizing an enemy champion.
DashingYour Movement Abilities gain 150 Ability Haste.
EarthwakeYour Movement Abilities leave behind a trail that detonates after 1 second.
EurekaGain Ability Haste equal to 20% of your Ability Power.
Feel the BurnGain the Feel the Burn Summoner Spell.
Feel the Burn casts Ignite and Exhaust on all nearby enemy champions.
GoliathBecome large, gaining 35% Health and 15% Adaptive Force.
Infernal ConduitYour Abilities apply a stacking Burn, dealing Magic Damage over time.
Your Burn effects reduce your basic Ability cooldowns.
Jeweled GauntletYour Abilities can Critically Strike. Gain 20% Critical Chance.
Mad ScientistOn Round start, you grow large (Adaptive Force and Health) or tiny (Ability Haste and Move Speed).
Master of DualityYour Attacks grant you stacking Ability Power, and your Abilities grant you Attack Damage.
Mystic PunchYour Attacks reduce your cooldowns by 1 second.
Omni SoulGain 3 random Dragon Souls.
Quantum ComputingAutomatically slash in a circle around you, dealing bonus damage on the outer edge every 15 seconds.
Your Automatic Augments are affected by Ability Haste.
Slow CookerApply a stacking Burn to nearby enemy champions scaling with your Max Health every second. The Burn stacks infinitely.
Spirit Link40% of damage dealt to your ally is redirected to you, and 40% of the healing they receive is also given to you.
Symphony of WarGain the Lethal Tempo and Conqueror Keystone Runes.
Tap dancerYour Attacks grant you 10 Movement Speed, stacking infinitely. Gain Attack Speed equal to 10% of your Movement Speed.
Thief’s GlovesRemove your current items, and gain random items each combat instead. Bonus stats and item damage is increased by 20%.
Trueshot ProdigyWhen you damage a champion from far away, automatically fire a Trueshot Barrage at them.
Ultimate RevolutionOnce per round, refresh your Ultimate Ability to 3 seconds of cooldown after casting it.
Windspeaker’s BlessingYour Healing and Shielding also increases the target’s Armor and Magic Resist for 3 seconds.
Wisdom of AgesGain 1 level now and 1 bonus level every other round. Your level cap is removed.
Zhonya’s EpiphanyGain the Zhonya’s Epiphany Summoner Spell.
Zhonya’s Epiphany puts you in Stasis for 3 seconds and resetting your basic ability cooldowns.

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