LoL ARAM Clash Schedule 2023

Shadman Sabik Zaim
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Riot has announced the new Clash Schedule, which consists of the ARAM Clashes coming in 2023.

Since the League of Legends midseason update, Riot is coming in with a lot of change. Patch 13.10 made many changes that shook up the game barring Pro Play. Meanwhile, Patch 13.11 introduced the Rell rework, and Patch 13.12 is introducing some much-needed balance changes, especially nerfs to Pro Play mainstays.

Since then, Riot has announced many changes and updates on things that they are working on. Ranked is getting huge changes, with a new Emerald tier inserted into the ladder. Also, promos are being removed, and placements are being shortened.

Clash is also getting many changes, with the system improving to be more about cumulative wins and more infrequent tournaments. These changes will give players more meaningful Clash tournaments and better rewards. Also, there won’t be as many people quitting early.

Adding on to that, Riot also announced ARAM clash coming back soon. Initially, it was announced that there would be one, but since then, Riot has unveiled two ARAM clashes coming this year. One has already taken place on August 14, 2023.

Meanwhile the second ARAM clash is coming December as we will start it up soon. Here is what we know so far.

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ARAM Clash Schedule 2023

Riot has announced the Clash Schedule for 2023. This includes all the Clash tournaments coming in Split 2, which consists of two ARAM clashes.

As shown above, there will be two ARAM Cups for Clash for the rest of the year. The first one happened in August while the second Clash is coming in December.. Given the success of the first ARAM Clash in 2022, this is a great move. The details of those Clash tournaments are as follows.

ARAM Cup (Completed):

  • Registration: August 14, at 11 am Local Time (different local times for each server).
  • Tournament Days: August 19 and 20 (4-7 pm Local Time, varies by region).

ARAM Cup 2:

  • Registration: December 4, at 11 am Local Time (different local times for each server).
  • Tournament Days: December 9 or 10 (4-7 pm Local Time, varies by region).

Will The Format Remain The Same As In The Past?

As per our knowledge, it should remain largely the same. Riot has not announced any changes in the system other than the Clash system adjustments. So, strap on and prepare to play ARAM clash, the first one in August.

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