Riot Shares Future Improvements For LoL Ranked Season 2024

Fahim Shahriar
By Fahim Shahriar
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Ranked will be receiving a lot more changes very soon.

Season 14 of League of Legends has officially kicked off with massive changes all across the board.

Starting off, we have some massive item overhauls. The controversial Mythic item system has been removed from the game. In its place, Riot introduced tons of new items for every class in the game.

There were also some big changes to Summoners Rift. Voidgrubs, a new early-game objective, have been added to the game. Rift Herald now spawns after 14 minutes, and there are now three variants of Baron Nashor.

The Ranked mode, which many consider the heart of League of Legends, also got some massive changes. Riot implemented a new system called “TrueSkill 2”. The new system will help mitigate the significant disparity in skill between Emerald players and make the climb much smoother.

In addition, Riot is also planning to implement more Ranked changes in the future. In this article, we will go through the proposed changes and discuss them further.

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Future Ranked Changes

In the latest League of Legends, AMA discussed their upcoming plans for Ranked.

The first change Riot talked about is placements. There are currently many cases of players being placed into higher-tier matches.

For example, there have been some cases where a player who has only leveled their account to 30 by playing only ARAM getting placed in an Emerald lobby. This makes not only the player’s first-ranked experience miserable but the teammates’ as well. Riot wishes to fix these kinds of issues and make matchmaking much more fair for all players.

There were also talks about Smurfs impacting games. This has been a big issue in Ranked for the last couple of years. The number of bought Smurfs in ranked has grown exponentially, leading to negative effects in matchmaking.

Riot doesn’t exactly condone players creating, leveling, and playing on new accounts, but they want to make sure they are placed in the lobby comprised of players of the same skill level. Thus, Riot plans to implement matchmaking changes that detect the players’ actual rank quickly.

Also, players who make Smurfs accounts only to run them down later to smash low MMR players will be severely punished.

In addition, Riot will be closely monitoring the newly implemented TrueSkill 2 system. They will make sure that LP gains and losses are natural so players aren’t discouraged from playing ranked.

Moreover, Riot plans to tweak the system so that players require fewer games, about 30 games from the current requirement of 100 games, to reach their true rank. There will also be some changes to players who are stuck in negative LP states.

But the most anticipated change is regarding Duo-Queue. Riot is considering opening up Duo-Queue for the Masters’ tier. This is excellent news, especially for High-Elo players who want to play with friends and have fun in the ranked queue.

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