Riot is Fixing Annoying Health Bar Bug in Patch 12.20

The Health Bar Bug in League of Legends is getting fixed in patch 12.20.

League of Legends gets its fair share of updates that causes a lot of bugs to the game. Over the years, we have seen many bugs pop up during games and after patches. Some of those bugs are game-breaking to the point that the champion or skin has to be disabled. Others are just left alone.

Worlds 2022 has had its fair share of bugs people have spotted so far, and it’s astonishing that a few of them are long-standing bugs. Bugs can come in many forms, and the replicable ones are often fixed in a hurry.

The most annoying bugs are often visual glitches where one thing shows as another. There was an Orianna bug a few days ago, which had to be fixed immediately. The one we will discuss in this article is the extra health bar melding into a different colour bug like the Morgana Shield or the Skarl health bar for Kled. Riot is finally fixing that; here is when it’s expected to land.

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Health Bar Bug Getting Fixed

This tweet from Riot Pehrek, QA Engineer on the Champions team, has confirmed that the health bar bug related to incoming health, Morgana shields, Skaarl’s health, etc., is being fixed in League of Legends patch 12.20.

According to many players, it is one of the most annoying bugs, as it often makes looking at health bars harder. The Morgana shield one was quite hard to decipher at times as well. Finally, Riot has come around to fix that in the upcoming patch, and we hope more bugs can be fixed.

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