Riot Has Changed A Handful Of Items Before Preseason 2023

Fahim Shahriar
By Fahim Shahriar
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Image Credit: Riot Games

Riot Games just announced some massive item adjustments in preparation for preseason 2023.

The last patch of season 12, patch 12.21, landed recently, signaling the end of this year’s ranked season. And all that is left is to wait for the Preseason changes to come to the game.

We already know many of the changes coming with the preseason update. The Chemtech Drake and the Chemtech Rift is coming back, and the jungle changes with the addition of pets. Also, we will be getting a new ping and voting system in the game. Finally, the patch will come with item additions and other changes/additions.

But, with Preseason 2023 only weeks away, Riot has announced some last-minute changes. These changes include some nerfs/buffs to various items.

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What are the changes?

Here’s a list of all the changes Riot announced.

Randuin’s Omen

  • Cost increased from 2900 to 3000
  • Armor reduced from 70 to 60

Randuin’s Omen is probably one of the strongest items in the game and has been for a while now. So, Riot has finally noticed and is planning on nerfing it. As a result, Randuin’s Omen’s armor has been reduced by 10, and the cost decreased by 100 gold.

It is a change in the right direction, but the item will still remain top-tier even after the nerfs.

Radiant Virtue

  • Cost reduced from 3200 to 3000

Radiant Virtue is one of the newest Mythic items introduced in preseason 2023. It is a team-fighting tank item that allows the user to heal and ability haste to nearby allies. Unfortunately, the item was relatively underpowered on its release on the PBE server, so Riot is planning to buff it by reducing its cost by 200 gold.

Rod of Ages

  • Health/Mana restored to trigger MS reduced from 300 to 250
  • Now grants a stack every 40 seconds on ARAM, instead of every minute

Rod of Ages has multiple passives and of of the passive is Eternity. It allows the user to heal damage taken by spending mana and mana by taking damage, and if the user were to restore 300 health or mana with the passive, the user would gain 10% MS for 2 seconds.

Riot is the Health/Mana threshold from 300 to 250. It’s a decent quality-of-life change but will not affect the item much on its own.

Catalyst of Aeons

  • Damage to mana is reduced from 10% to 8%, which applies to Abyssal Mask and Rod of Ages.

It is essentially a nerf to the mana part of the Eternity passive. However, it is a slight nerf that is negligible in most circumstances.

Jak’Sho, the Protean

  • Minion drain increased from 25% to 33%

Jak’Sho, The Protean, formerly known as Icathia’s Endurance, is one of the three new tank mythic items. Its passive Voidborn Resilience allows the user to drain Health from nearby champions, minions, and monsters in combat.

The ability to drain Health from minions was previously capped at 25% effectiveness; now, Riot is buffing it to 33%.

It’s a small buff that will help tank champions in certain situations, especially short trades in the laning phase.


  • The damage health ratio reduced from 7% max HP to 6%

The Heartsteel passive Colossal Consumption damage was working too well on champions like Sion and Ornn, so Riot is nerfing the health-to-damage ratio.

Turbo Chemtank

  • Health increased from 450 to 500

Turbo Chemtank has been underperforming, especially compared to the Sunfire Aegis and Frostfire Gauntlet. So, Riot is buffing its Health by 50.

When will the changes arrive?

The item adjustments are currently out on PBE (Public Beta Environment) servers for testing. It will come out on League of Legends live servers on patch 12.22, released on Wednesday, Nov 16, 2022.

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