Arcane 1-Year Anniversary: Drops & What to Expect

As the first anniversary of Arcane is here, Riot plans to do some events to commemorate the occasion.

In late 2019, Riot Games released their 10th-anniversary video, announcing a slew of new games and upcoming projects. Moreover, they announced some forthcoming projects, VALORANT, Project: L, and, most importantly, Arcane.

Arcane is an animated TV series based on League of Legends. Furthermore, it was animated/produced by Fortiche under the supervision of Riot Games. Moreover, it was distributed on Netflix. In addition, Arcane is one of the most popular and successful shows that Netflix has ever broadcast. Being a surprise hit of 2021, it garnered a massive fanbase.

The Story of Arcane primarily focuses on fan-favorite characters, Jinx and Vi. Moreover, characters like Ekko, Jayce, Heimerdinger, and Singed also appear. The best part of Arcane is that it appeals to both long-time fans and people who have never even heard of League of Legends.

Arcane was a cultural phenomenon, as it also boasts a perfect 100% critics score and an astounding 96% audience score. Because of its popularity, Arcane was renewed to have a season 2.

Since Arcane’s first anniversary is upon us, Riot has planned a series of events to commemorate this occasion.

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Arcane 1-Year Anniversary Event

The event will start on November 8 and will end on November 18.

  • November 8:
    • Reddit AMA(Ask Me Anything) with Arcane creators.
  • November 9:
    • [REDACTED] Drop
  • November 16:
    • Rocklove Jewelry x Arcane drop
  • November 18:

The first event that Riot will hold is Reddit AMA or Ask Me Anything. It will take place on November 8.

Furthermore, on November 9, Riot will be doing a drop event. But they still did not reveal what kind of items or where they would be dropping.

In addition, on November 16, Riot Games will be holding another drop, but this time in collaboration with Rocklove Jewelry. Rocklove Jewelry is a jewelry crafting company located in New York. They have worked with various franchises, such as Pokemon, Star Trek, Star Wars, and League of Legends. In their store, you can find multiple League of Legends-themed rings, pendants, necklaces, charms, etc. So we can expect the drop to be similar.

And finally, on November 18, Riot Games will release never-before-heard OSTs with some extra remixes. It will be available on Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer. Furthermore, it is open to pre-save right now in the platforms mentioned above.

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