Riot Games is taking a look into the Riot accounts that are gaining more LP than usual

After many complaints, Riot Games confirms that they are taking a look into the pro/Riot accounts that are starting with high MMR and gaining more LP than usual.

Riot Games usually provides the pro players with pro/Riot accounts that start with level 30 and have an edge in the ranked MMR. However, these types of accounts are not permanent and Riot has the right to take those away any time they want.

In season 11, a lot of players are complaining that, currently, there are many accounts in NA/EUW high Elo that are gaining more LP and losing lower LP than intended and making the climb in the Challenger ladder more unfair.

Popular League of Legends streamer Moe “Yassuo” Abdalrhman, pointed out a Riot account that was getting 33 LP while losing only 7 LP. He also thinks “these accounts need to be nerfed.”

Another streamer and EUW challenger player Rhobalasv2 also pointed out a Riot account and explained why those players don’t deserve these accounts. He was also requesting Riot to “stop giving Riot accounts” to those players as well.

Furthermore, the current EUW rank 1 account is also a Riot account that is getting 30-35 LP per win and only losing around 7 LP.

After seeing all these complaints, League of Legends’ Gameplay Design Director Mark “Scruffy” Yetter has confirmed that they are “looking into it.”

However, Riot Scruffy thinks it is very unlikely that these accounts will get “taken away” but they “don’t want them to be a better way to climb the ladder.”

Based on Riot Scruffy’s comment it seems a fix is on the way very soon for those Riot accounts. Previously, Riot also fixed the LP gain problem where players were losing more LP and gaining less.