Riot Games is buffing Fiddlesticks support in patch 10.9

For the upcoming patch 10.9, Riot Games is buffing Fiddlesticks support and many fans are wondering whether Fiddlesticks rework is a failure or not.

League of Legends lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter tweeted previewing the upcoming patch 10.9 and it seems like they are buffing Fiddlesticks support.

Fiddlesticks Support Changes in Patch 10.9

  • E: Damage 70-190 > 70-210

Is Fiddlesticks Rework a Failure

Fiddlesticks rework reveal has to be one the best rework reveals Riot Games ever done. But his post-release was not that scary at all, he was sitting with a 42.28% win rate. As a result, Riot Games had to give him a hotfix buff in patch 10.7 just after a few days of his rework release.

And that hotfix buff actually helped him to climb that 50% win rate mark in patch 10.8. But many League of Legends fans still consider him very underwhelming to play as he is very easy to counter in the jungle.

Some fans think, his W: Drain is the main problem in his kit where it heals less and can not move while using it. As Fiddle’s kit heavily rely on his ultimate, using Drain in his ultimate makes his ultimate kinda useless as it stops him from moving around.

But regarding the new Fiddle rework Riot Games said, “For most normal champs or VGUs, we see their win rate climb over the first few weeks as players learn to correctly play them. But a certain type of champion design that is very trickery converged can have a similarly steep learning curve for opponents, as they get familiar with the types of tricks that they should be looking out for when playing against them”.

And somehow Riot is right, in good hands Master-Grandmaster elo he has around 66.67% win rate in the jungle. If we consider his win rates, his rework is not a complete failure. All it did is making him less annoying to play against as he no longer has that poke E silence anymore. Old Fiddle was doing great as support due to E but now as he no longer has that opportunity. Riot Games is buffing his E damage in patch 10.9 so that some players can explore him as support as well.

Other Patch 10.9 Changes:


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