Riot finally teases new skin for Skarner after five years

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By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Skarner is finally getting some love as Riot finally teases new skin for him after five long years.

Skarner debuted in the Summoner’s Rift back on August 9, 2011. However, even in these nine long years, he only got a total of four skins from Riot Games. Moreover, the last time he received skin was five years ago in 2015.

Riot Games however received a lot of backlashes from the League community for only prioritizing popular champions for frequent skins and not releasing new skins for unpopular champions. Riot did explain this issue a couple of months earlier saying, “We often prioritize skins for our most popular champions, like Lux and Kai’Sa, because they reach a huge number of players.”

But in the 2020 champion roadmap Riot said they would release around 120 new skins this year and promised skins for unpopular champions. They have already released new skins for some champions like Kindred, Xerath, Bard, and some others who didn’t have any new skins in a long time.

YouTube video

And today on the latest Riot Pls video, they have mentioned that they have almost fulfiled their targeted skin release for some unpopular champions and only Skarner, Ornn, and Nautilus are left from getting new skins.

That Elderwood Ornn skin was also teased on the road map video but it didn’t make it to the rift yet. Nautilus already received the Conqueror skin this year and it seems like he will be getting new skin once again in 2020. However, the main display goes to Skarner for getting new skin after five long years.

Splash Art

new skin for Skarner
Image Via Riot Games

Riot is yet to reveal what is the skin line and when the new skin for Skarner is going to be released in League of Legends. But we can assume that the skins are coming out after the Worlds patch.

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