Riot Explains Why Aurelion Sol Was Hotfixed In League of Legends

Despite the new Aurelion Sol being released recently, the champion already has a hotfix to his name.

Many reworks have been released in the last few patches of League of Legends. Most of them were mini-reworks to update or fix the kit of certain champions. Some notable ones are changes to Zeri, Jax, Dr. Mundo, and so on.

The Aurelion Sol Rework was released a little while ago in Patch 13.3. It is the first full rework after the Udyr changes. Aurelion Sol’s new kit really matches the champion in terms of lore as a celestial dragon. It was highly anticipated before the release hit the live servers.

After release, his play and ban rate rose significantly, and Aurelion Sol had to be hotfixed. Also, Aurelion Sol was disabled due to a gamebreaking bug. With all of those happening, Riot Yelough talked about the process to nerf Aurelion Sol that early into the release of the new patch.

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The Aurelion Sol Hotfix Methodology

Riot Yelough posted a huge thread on Twitter talking about the Aurelion Sol hotfix decision.

According to him, Aurelion Sol was close to a 50% win rate and a 40% ban rate, which are really high numbers. Riot Yelough mentions that if they left him in this state, he could reach a 55% win rate in the next few days, which would cause a lot of issues.

The nerf is not intended to gut Aurelion Sol, but this could be an over-nerf. Riot Yelough mentions that it is a learning curve to balance the new Aurelion Sol, as his kit does many different things. His monster stacking was particularly hit so that a laning Aurelion Sol did not dip into the jungle for Stardust stacks.

It seems that Riot decided to deal with the issue before it became an issue. There are a lot of bugs to fix with the champion already, and if he was kept at a strong state in terms of stats, Aurelion Sol would be a menace. So, it was a good decision to do the nerfs. Now the biggest question is whether that was too much and whether Riot will have to go back and buff him a little to get the power level of Aurelion Sol right in the future.

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