Riot Delays LoL Patch 13.10, 13.11 PBE, & High Noon Lucian Mythic Chroma

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Image Credits: Riot Games

Riot has announced that they will be delaying the release of patch 13.10, the release of the PBE of the subsequent patch, and the High Noon Lucian mythic chroma.

Delays are nothing new in the current era of gaming. Due to unforeseen circumstances, delays will occur, whether it’s a new game or an update for an existing game. So same goes for Riot Games and its flagship title, League of Legends.

Earlier this year, Riot faced a massive cyber attack due to social engineering. Because of it, Patch 13.2 was canceled, and some important balance updates were pushed to Patch 13.1b. Moreover, the rest of the updates were pushed to patch 13.3, which was also delayed by 24 hours.

Back to the recent topic, Riot was supposed to release the biggest patch of the year, 13.10 recently. This patch would completely overhaul most of the current mythic items. Not only that, but they are also bringing back hybrid items as items that have both AD and AP ratios. Moreover, they are slightly changing turrets, unleashed teleports, and minions.

But as this will be the most impactful update of this year, there will be several bugs, optimization issues, and more. Due to these reasons, patch 13.10 has been delayed. Furthermore, Riot will also be delaying patch 13.11 PBE alongside the release of High Noon Lucian Chroma.

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Patch 13.10, 13.11 PBE & High Noon Lucian Mythic Chroma Delayed

Just before the approximate launch of patch 13.10, Riot confirmed on Twitter that the patch would be delayed. While they did not mention the reason for the delay, they stated that the patch should be released approximately 24 hours later than usual.

Additionally, the PBE for the next patch comes out less than a day before the live patch. So as the live patch is delayed, the PBE is also delayed.

During the mid-season update, Riot was supposed to release the newest mythic chroma for High Noon Lucian. However, that has also been delayed, but this time unrelated to the delay of the live patch.

The reason High Noon Lucian’s mythic chroma got delayed was because of the poor quality of the bundled icon. As it didn’t make sense to release the chroma first and the icon later, Riot ended up delaying the entire launch of the mythic chroma.

As for the High Noon Lucian, mythic chroma’s new release date, it will be hitting live servers on patch 13.12, scheduled to be released on Thursday, June 15, 2023.

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