Riot confirms that Yone will be disabled for the Worlds 2020

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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League of Legends 150th champion, Yone will be disabled for the Worlds 2020 while Lillia will make her debut in the Worlds stage.

In the 2020 champion roadmap Riot announced that there will be five new champions in League of Legends. Riot has already released the dreamy jungler Lillia on patch 10.15 and masked assassin Yone on patch 10.16.

Although they are released in just two weeks apart, on the latest dev post Riot Games has confirmed that for the Worlds 2020 Lillia will be enabled while Yone will be not.

As the playoff of major regions like LCS and LPL are played on patch 10.16, Yone was not available because it was his release patch. Lillia however was enabled for the playoff and major regions are already playing her. She is already been picked in 20 games where she has a 60% win rate. But as Yone was not enabled for the playoff he will not get the chance to make his debut in the Worlds.

Regarding this situation, Riot Games said, “new champions and VGUS must be enabled for playoffs in all four of the top regions in order to be playable at the next international tournament.”

Riot Games also mentioned that they don’t want any 100% Presence Champions for the Worlds 2020. Riot pointed out 2019 Pantheon rework, where it was released just one patch before the world’s patch which resulted in him being a 100% pick or ban champion. Therefore, they are disabling Yone to prevent him from being the next 100% presence champion.

Lillia is a relatively new champion as well but her kit is not broken what so ever. In patch 10.15, she even had one of the lowest win rates, and Riot has also canceled her proposed patch 10.18 buffs so that she doesn’t become a 100% presence champion.

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